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Day In The Life of St. Paul's

Each day at St. Paul's we strive to deepen our knowledge and to share what we have learned with others. Here is a glimpse into a day in the life of St. Paul's. We encourage you to contact us for a visit. 

7:15 a.m. 
“We manage 2,700 devices and 2,100 user accounts every day, and about 32,000 requests every year. Our day starts early, checking the infrastructure to make sure everything’s working before teachers and students arrive.”
Jennifer Schneider, Director of Technology

7:40 a.m.
“Who doesn’t like to start their day with smiles, hugs and handshakes? And on those rare mornings when a student or mom or dad isn’t having the best day, or is maybe running a little behind schedule, we have a saying: What happens in carpool line stays in carpool line.”
Dr. Bryan Powell, Head of Lower School

7:55 a.m.
“I am all about the tradition and community of St. Paul's. Seniors used to give me rides up from the lower lots, and so now I’m paying it forward by giving rides to the people who will then give rides when they’re seniors.”
Gibson McCulloh ’16, holder of the reserved parking spot adjacent to the Upper School, auctioned annually at the Bull Roast 

8 a.m.
“Somedays I lose count how many times I go back and forth to St. Paul’s. I think I spend more time here than my son!”
Paula Silverman, Parent of Ryan ’18, Trustee and assistant track coach, attending a Board Committee meeting

9:15 a.m. 
"In the Lower School, we don't do perfect. Perfect is boring. Our artists are creative."
Camille Gammon-HIttelman, Lower School Art teacher

9:36 a.m.
“I love taking tree walks in Ms. Belton’s class. You learn so much more from seeing the trees in real life than in books.”
Colin Vineberg ‘23

9:55 a.m.
“Chapel services are not so much about the religious side of things, as they are about allowing us to come together as a community and connect on a deeper level.”
Nicholas Hill ’19, being inducted into the Vestry by Upper School Chaplain Nate Sell 

11:22 a.m.
"Children have an innate love for the natural world – animals, plants, the weather. In Lower School science, we nurture that love by providing as many hands-on experiences as possible, like hatching eggs and caring for the chicks. Science should be about enjoying and understanding the beauty of our world, not sitting docile in chairs and memorizing facts."
Nancy Dimitriades, Lower School Science teacher 

11:48 a.m.
“I love the freedom we get in Middle School. You don’t have to stay inside all day, or walk in a straight line from class to class.”
Josiah Stone ‘21

12:05 p.m.
“If there’s something you don’t understand in math, Mr. Darrell doesn’t make you feel bad. He actually makes you feel better by working with you so patiently until you get it.”
Zach Zeisler ‘18

1:45 p.m.
”I’m not a typical Japanese, who always stays very calm. I’m kind of a comedian and feel class should be lively. If I throw the students my energy, they’re going to give me their energy back. Everybody pays attention and speaks up when they feel learning is fun.”
Kaoru Kimura, Lower School Japanese teacher 

2:28 p.m.
“This is a place where mistakes are celebrated. Mistakes are the mother of creative innovation. If you don't’ take risks, you really don’t grow. And this is a safe place to take those risks – both in this shop and throughout the St. Paul’s Middle School.”
Doug Finkel, Middle School Woodworking teacher

3:15 p.m.
One of the most important parts of the college process is introspection and the growth that comes with it. This is why we like to say there are two processes going on—the college search and the college admission process. The college search is about self-reflection that will come in many ways.”
Jake Talmage, Director of College Counseling 

 3:50 p.m.
“Helping students finish their work afterschool so that they are free to enjoy evenings at home with their families is another way St. Paul’s contributes to their happiness.”
Kristie Burkett, First Grade teacher, during the free after-school Extended School Program

4:25 p.m.
“My family says I was born to play the role of the spoiled, selfish prince. I’m not sure that was a compliment!”
Stuart Robinson ’20, rehearsing for the Middle School production of “Into the Woods”

6:58 p.m.
“When you’re wet, cold, and exhausted, with your hands blistered, sometimes you ask yourself why you row. And then you realize it’s because every other spring sport requires coordination, and you really don’t have any other choice.”
Nick Smith ’16, varsity Crew tri-captain

7:20 p.m.
"We believe it is of the utmost importance to partner with the school's staff, faculty, and parents to create a well rounded and holistic student. I really enjoy sharing my ideas and spending time with other parents that are willing to give their support and are dedicated to making St. Paul’s a great place to be.”
Michele Duncan, mother of Ricardo ’16, helping organize the Parents’ Association’s International Block Party 

7:45 p.m.
“St. Paul’s gives me the opportunity to pursue my passion for music and athletics. Because the Spring Break trips alternate every year between music and sports, I’ve gotten to go on singing tours of Germany twice, while still not missing any playing time on the lacrosse team.”
Tyler Rockhill ’16, two-time All-MIAA football selection, University of Maryland lacrosse recruit and member of the Concert Chorale

9:50 p.m.
“It takes a little while getting used to being here alone at night. On the other hand, it’s easier to get a lot done. One thing you’ll see at night is deer. I saw a little family of five walk right out in the middle of campus and down the embankment. If I see them in the roadway, I’ll get on the radio and let security know, just to make sure they don’t run into them while they’re patrolling.”
Larry Smith, Print Shop Manager

St. Paul’s School
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