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For more than 30 years, boys and girls, ages 5-17 have been building lifelong friendships and skills at St. Paul’s Summer Camp. Located on a 64-acre rural campus just ten miles north of Baltimore City, campers quickly connect and feel safe in our nurturing environment. With a new ropes course, a swimming pool, and facilities for sports, arts, drama, cooking and scientific exploration, your camper can unplug, try new and exciting activities, make great new friends, and gain self-esteem! Our exceptional summer camp staff is dedicated to helping your camper develop new skills, have fun, and become an integral part of our camp community. Contact us today to learn more.  For summer camp updates and information, follow us on Facebook.  


Alicia Martin, Camp Director 
Melissa Little, Summer Camp Administrator
Phone: 410-821-3028

Registration is open, click here. 

Dates: June 19-July 28, 2017

Times: 9am-4pm

Costs: $350+ (see payment policies below)

Ages: 5-13

What's New?

  • Improved registration system
  • All camp sessions are full day
  • Before and after care services
  • Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program offered for ages 14-17
  • Pre-camp Open House designed for campers to see camp and meet staff
  • Lunch not provided except for Pizza Fridays
  • Ropes course for all themed/all sports campers

Coming Soon: Lunch options will be provided by Graul’s for an additional fee. Details available May 15.

For a list of camps by session, click here.

For a list of camps by type, click here.

Themed Day Camps

St. Paul’s Themed Day Camps are open to all campers and will highlight a theme each week. Celebrate 4th of July, challenge yourself at summer camp Olympics or even learn to juggle! There is something exciting and fun for everyone each week. Campers will have the opportunity to swim every day and experience the ropes course. Swim instruction included for 5 and 6 year olds.

Cost: $350
Ages: 5-13

Session 1 June 19-23: Olympics        
Help us carry the Olympic torch to launch St. Paul’s 2017 Summer Camp! Every camper will have the chance to participate in team and individual challenges throughout the week. We’ll divide into countries, design team flags, hold opening and closing ceremonies, and so much more! Can your team complete the relay race, work together at the ropes course, and cheer one another on? There’s only one way to find out!

Session 2 June 26-30: Wild Wild West
Hit the dusty trails as we search for gold, toss a lasso, herd cows, tye dye bandanas, and participate in camp’s first Dutch Auction. You’ll see what it was like to live in the Wild West days and challenge yourself to team and individual challenges. Brush off your boots and saddle up- this week, you’re the new sheriff in town.

Session 3 July 3-7: 4th of July Week
What better way to celebrate the 4th of July other than at summer camp? We will spend the week playing traditional American games, tye dying red-white-blue shirts, parading around camp and more! You do not want to miss out on this fun and exciting week.

Session 4 July 10-14: Survivor
Can you start a fire with one match? Camouflage in the woods without being seen? Build a shelter out of natural resources? Challenge yourself and learn a large variety of survival techniques while competing in tribe challenges. Be prepared to get dirty!

Session 5 July 17-21: Water, Water Everywhere
Water balloons, cannon balls, and slip-n-slides. Need we say more? Get out of the heat this July and join us for a week of splashing around. We’ll even get down to the new Nature Center for a water study and launch rockets!

Session 6 July 24-28: It’s a Circus out there!
Join us under the big top and help us celebrate the last week of summer camp! Learn to juggle, do magic, hula hoop, balance on a suspended beam, take a pie in the face, and participate in an all-camp talent show. We’re not clowning around- this week will be a blast!

All Sports Camps

St. Paul’s Summer Camp’s All Sports Program will be offered each week for campers ages 6 – 13. The goal of the All Sports Program will be to encourage athletic activity, expose campers to a variety of sports/games, and most of all to have fun. Each day counselors will utilize the incredible athletic facilities at St. Paul’s to organize a variety of sports/games which will include, but not be limited to: basketball, baseball, street hockey, kickball, soccer, flag football, lacrosse, capture the flag, dodgeball, kick the can, manhunt, bowling, swimming, and whatever other games campers might suggest. Campers will have the opportunity to swim every day! Campers will be grouped by age and ability, and they will often be given a choice of two or three games that they would like to play. Most critics agree that the overly structured and ultra-competitive nature of youth sports today leads to boys and girls not willing to try new things, feeling burnt out of sports they once loved, and not having fun. Sign your child up for the All Sports Program this summer and bring the fun back to sports! 

Cost: $350 
Ages: 6-13

  • Session 1 June 19-23
  • Session 2 June 26-30
  • Session 3 July 3-7
  • Session 4 July 10-14
  • Session 5 July 17-21
  • Session 6 July 24-28

Additional Sports Opportunities

A few St. Paul’s coaches are offering additional opportunities in specific sports geared towards teaching beginners new skills and seasoned campers with more of an intermediate level of training. These options can be added to any of the Themed and All Sports Camps registrations and will either take place in the a.m. or p.m. Campers registered for an a.m. add-on will meet with coaches in the beginning of the day and join their Themed/Sports camp group afterwards. P.M. add-ons will do the same, but in reverse. An additional fee of $100 will be charged for each add-on. Spaces are limited.

Wrestling (All Levels)

  • Session 1 June 19-23
  • AM session
  • Ages 6-13
  • Campers will learn the basic wrestling position with some tips and tricks.  Instruction will cover introductory freestyle wrestling.  Basic rules, positioning, leg attacks, leg defense and throws will be covered. This Add-On specialty will be led by Pat Gillan, St. Paul’s Assistant Varsity Wrestling Coach. He wrestled 5 years at the University of Virginia and was an NCAA qualifier and Junior Freestyle All-American. 

Squash (Beginner)

  • Session 1 June 19-23, PM Session
  • Session 3 July 3-7, PM Session
  • Ages 6-13
  • Join Patrick Bedore, St. Paul's Varsity Coach and Head coach of the Mid-Atlantic Team, for a special, introductory clinic to Squash. We will focus on the fundamentals of grip, swing and movement around the court. Campers will learn the proper basics of squash so they can start the sport on the right foot! Squash is experiencing massive growth in the United States and has been called "The Healthiest Sport In The World" by Forbes magazine.

Lacrosse (All Levels)

  • Session 1 June 19-23 AM, Session
  • Ages: 9-13
  • Join St. Paul’s Varsity Lacrosse Coach Kevin Benzing and learn new Lacrosse skills, drills, and fundamental stick work. Campers will participate in games and competitions with give aways. Coach Benzing was a four year starter at Quinnipiac University, where he played goalie, and was a team captain Senior year. He has taught at St. Paul’s School for five years, and has coached the Varsity Defense and Goalies for four years. This will be his fourth summer at camp, and he is excited to see familiar faces as well as new ones.


  • Session 4: July 10-14 AM
  • Session 6: July 24-28 PM
  • Ages: 5-13
    Dynasty Sports works with children of all ages and abilities on improving basic soccer skills and tactics such as dribbling including 1v1 moves to beat defenders, passing, shooting and small sided games to enhance those skills. We will also work on defensive concepts and include fun games and competitions for our campers to enjoy and win prizes! Each day we will provide new moves and concepts to help players improve in the sport of soccer within a fun and learning environment. Dynasty staff includes former pro soccer players, college players, current club and HS soccer coaches!


Specialty Camps

Specialty camps will go in depth into a single topic such as cooking or robotics. These camps are run by our St. Paul’s School teachers and experts in their fields. Campers will have the opportunity to swim every day, depending on daily schedules.




Session 1 June 19-23: RoboMagic
Ages: 11-13
Cost: $400
In RoboMagic, you'll learn about and model mechanisms (like gears, cams, and levers); design and make a mechanical toy; learn to build electric circuits; and learn to program an Arduino microcontroller. Then you'll design and create robotic solutions to maze and capture the flag challenges! Join us in this one of a kind camp experience led by St. Paul's Upper School teacher and K-12 STEM Director, Mick Scott.

Session 2 June 26-30: Intro to Coding A
Ages: 9-13
Cost: $400
Have you ever wanted to learn how to code? You may not even realize how much you may already know. Learn how to code with graphical block-based coding such as Scratch and Blockly and explore text-based coding like JavaScript.  

Session 3 July 3-7: Web Page Creation using HTML
Ages: 10-13
Cost: $400
Learn how to create web pages using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). All you need is a text editor, a browser, and your creativity!  

Session 4 July 10-14: Intro to Coding B
Ages: 9-13
Cost: $400
Have you ever wanted to learn how to code? You may not even realize how much you may already know. Learn how to code with graphical block-based coding such as Scratch and Blockly and explore text-based coding like JavaScript.  


Session 2 June 26-30: Rock Climbing A
Ages: 7-13
Cost: $425

Come experience the new rock-wall at the Nature Center! Campers will learn the fundamentals of climbing and bouldering, proper climbing knots, and finish the week at Earth Treks in Timonium.

Session 3 July 3-7: Junior Adventures
Ages: 7-10
Cost: $425

Campers are invited to join experienced outdoorsman Ted Watson for a week of exploring local parks including Oregon Ridge, Loch Raven, and others. Campers will learn how to identify local flora and fauna, make their own field guide, and spend a night camping at our new Nature Center (with s’mores of course!).

Session 4 July 10-14: Water Adventures
Ages: 7-13
Cost: $425

Join us for water week where we will be canoeing on Loch Raven, tubing and fishing on the Gunpowder River, a freshwater beach day and many other aquatic activities!

Session 5 July 17-21: Adventure Camp
Ages: 11-13
Cost: $425

Campers will be learning basic hiking, camping and navigation skills in local parks in the area including Gunpowder State Park, Oregon Ridge, and Loch Raven. While visiting these parks, campers will learn how to orienteer, go geocaching, and important safety and survival techniques to be a successful outdoor enthusiast! The week will finish off with an overnight camping trip in Gambrill State Park near Frederick, MD.

Session 6 July 24-28: Rock Climbing B
Ages 7-13
Cost: $425

Come experience the new rock-wall at the Nature Center! Campers will learn the fundamentals of climbing and bouldering, proper climbing knots, and finish the week at Earth Treks in Timonium.


Session 1 June 19-23: Chopped!*
Ages: 9-13
Cost: $425
Never have food challenge reality shows been so popular and Chopped! is a favorite here at Tiny and Gourmet Chefs! We like it so much we decided to base a whole week long camp on the concept. Our version has the added twist of focusing on different cuisines every day of camp. So, each day the Tiny and Gourmet Chef campers will be presented with a basket with 3 or 4 ingredients, which reflect these different cuisines—French, Italian, Mexican, Asian and “All-American”. Using those ingredients and working within those cuisines, they will challenge themselves to make mouthwatering specialties, traditional favorites and explore new ingredients, tastes and combinations.

Session 2 June 26-30: Every Day is a Holiday*
Ages: 7-13
Cost: $425
Holidays conjure up memories and nostalgia and so much of it food related! Get ready for a week of delicious celebrations as we whip up Thanksgiving Pumpkin parfaits, 4th of July cupcakes, Valentine's Day Chocolate Raspberry mousse cups, Halloween spider web pizzas, and Cinco de Mayo veggie quesadillas with guacamole, plus much, much more! What could be more fun than enjoying Valentine’s Day goodies in July? Join us!  

Session 3 July 3-7: All American Summer Favorites*
Ages: 7-13
Cost: $425
American cuisine is inspired by cultures around the world but has become uniquely and deliciously its own! For most Americans, nothing says summer like Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and Potato Salad. And while some of those items are definitely on our All American Summer Menu, we are also going to explore American cuisine from sea to shining sea, from Southern BBQ to California’s twist on the BLT to the countrywide favorite Strawberry Shortcake!  

Session 4 July 10-14: Boot Camp w/Decorating*
Ages: 9-13
Cost: $425
Do you have a burgeoning baker on your hands? This summer students will jump feet first into a variety of baking techniques and traditions, covering ground like cookies and bars, breakfast pastries, International desserts, and more, with a special focus on creating beautiful cupcakes and cakes. Within our focus topic of cake decorating, students will learn how to make icings and how to apply a variety of different decorating techniques to create masterpieces that are not only delicious but beautiful too! Join us!  

Session 5 July 17-21: Breakfast for Dinner*
Ages: 7-13
Cost: $425
Turn your favorite breakfast dishes into the main event as dinner options. How about a cheddar-chive frittata with fresh salsa? Or Brunch pasta with bacon and eggs? Maybe you’d prefer a more traditional French toast, dressed up with bananas and blueberries? Any way you slice it your little chef will love tucking into these comforting breakfast classics

Session 6 July 24-28: Gourmet Chef Challenge*
Ages 9-13
Cost: $425
Everyone enjoys Iron Chef and Top Chefs, our Gourmet Chefs will have their own culinary showdown. The chefs will compete in groups to conquer Gourmet Chef Challenge criteria which will consist of: Most Original Recipe, Most colorful, Healthiest, Tastiest, and many other fun themes! The camp will also include working on teamwork and team building skills.  

* These sessions are run by outside organizations. Staff discounts do not apply.


Counselor-in-training (CIT) Program

The St. Paul’s Summer Camp Counselor-In-Training Program is a two-week program that will be offered to young women and men ages 14-17. This program is designed for those who enjoy working with younger children and want to learn more about the inner-organization of a summer camp. Participants will spend most mornings being trained by experienced summer camp professionals and then most afternoons working with various divisions of the camp. Training sessions will include, but not be limited to: communicating with children, conflict resolution, simple first aide, supervision techniques, activity planning, and communicating with parents. Participants will have a level of choice for which specific age groups they will work with. Those who successfully complete this program will receive a certificate, as well as a written recommendation for future employment. Participants work can also be credited to required service learning hours at their respective schools.

  • This training program is required for all individuals wishing to volunteer or work as a Junior Counselor at St. Paul’s Summer Camp.
  • Once registered, please fill out the informational application here: 

Cost: $250
Ages: 14-17

  • Sessions 1 & 2: June 19-30
  • Sessions 3 & 4: July 3-14
  • Sessions 5 & 6: July 17-28

Open House

Not sure if you are ready for camp?  Never been to our campus? Join St. Paul’s summer camp staff for a few hours to view our facilities and ask questions. Be sure to bring your bathing suit to enjoy some pool time.
Date: June 17, 2017
Time: 10am-2pm

Before and After Care

St. Paul's Summer Camp offers before and after care services for all campers. You can either register early to receive a weekly discount or your camper will automatically be sent to extended care when not picked up by 4:30 pm. You can register at any time before the start of your camp. Campers will spend time playing group games, enjoying the outdoor playground, and relaxing with movies or computer games. 

Campers utilizing before and after care will use pick-up and drop-off spot #3. Street parking is available in front of the Lower School. Parents must walk into the building and sign their camper(s) out at the time of pick-up.

Before Care
8-8:40 am - $10/day flat fee, Pre-registered campers: $45 per/week

After Care
4:30-5:30 pm - $5 every half hour
4:30-5:00 pm - Pre-registered campers: $20 per/week
4:30-5:30 pm - Pre-registered campers: $45 per/week

Payment Policies

Payment Policies

A 50% deposit is required at the time of registration.  If registering after June 1st, full payment is required.

Campers not paid in full by the first day of camp will not be allowed to check in or participate in camp until full payment is made.

You can log into your account at any time to pay your remaining balance and print invoices.


Credit Card

Check sent to:

St. Paul’s Summer Camp
Attn: Melissa Little
P.O. Box 8100
11152 Falls Rd
Brooklandville, MD 21022

Registration will not be processed until payment is received.

Cancellation Policies

Prior to June 1, you will receive a full refund for a cancellation

After June 1, the refund policy is as follows:

  • If you cancel by June 9, a 50% refund for session 1 camps will be given and full refunds for all other sessions.
  • If you cancel by June 16, a 50% refund for session 2 camps will be given and a full refund for session 3, 4, 5 and 6 camps.
  • If you cancel by June 23, a 50% refund for session 3 camps will be given and a full refund for sessions 4, 5, and 6 camps.
  • If you cancel by June 30, a 50% refund for session 4 camps will be given and full a refund for sessions 5 and 6 camps.
  • If you cancel by July 7, a 50% refund for session 5 camps will be given and a full refund for session 6 camps.
  • If you cancel by July 14, a 50% refund for session 6 camps.

No refunds will be given for cancellations after July 14.

Work at Camp

Are you looking for a once in a lifetime experience this summer? Imagine flying down the zipline, playing games, and helping children grow. A camp job at St. Paul’s Summer camp will allow you to learn and develop invaluable skills in leadership, training, and management. Not only will working at camp build your resume, but you’ll have a whole lot of fun doing it!

We offer a variety of positions in our Themed, All Sports, and Counselor-in-Training camps. Take a moment to browse through the variety of camps and position options and let us know if you have questions. We hope to see you this summer at camp!

Apply Here


Lead Counselor

    • $325/week
    • Minimum age 18
    • Plan, develop, facilitate, and lead a variety of activities and games for a specific age group each week. Must be comfortable speaking in front of large groups, planning and gathering materials, and commit to the full six week summer and staff training.
    • Lead Counselors may have the choice of leading Themed, All Sports, or Counselor-in-Training sessions.
    • Must have or be willing to obtain First Aid/CPR/AED certifications during staff training.

Assistant Counselor

  • $275/week
  • Minimum age 18
  • Assist Lead Counselor in leading activities and games during the All Sports and Themed camps. Must be able to commit to the full six week summer and staff training.
  • Assistant Counselors may have the choice of assisting Themed, All Sports, or Counselor-in-Training sessions.

Junior Counselor

  • $200/week
  • Ages 16 & 17
  • CIT program is required prior to working as a Junior Counselor. This position will assist counselors in a variety of activities.

Activity Specialists

  • $325/week
  • Minimum age 18
  • Areas needed
    • Ropes course
    • Swim instruction/activities
    • Arts & crafts
    • Photo/video


  • Minimum age 14
  • CIT (Counselor-in-Training) program required prior to volunteering.
  • Must be able to commit to a full, five day session.
  • In order to allow the high number of volunteers at camp, full summer contracts are not guaranteed.

St. Paul’s Summer camp also offers additional pay for extra experiences:

  • College graduate—additional $20/week
  • Former Lead Counselor—additional $10/week
  • Certifications—additional $10/week per certification
    • CPR/First Aid/AED
    • Lifeguarding
    • Challenge Course ACCT
    • Wilderness First Aid (WFA)
St. Paul’s School
11152 Falls Road 
P.O. Box 8100 
Brooklandville, Maryland 21022
TEL. 410.825.4400
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