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St. Paul's School for Girls

Grades 5-12 All-Girls Middle and Upper School

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St. Paul's Lower & Preschool

Infants through Grade 4 Coed Preschool and Lower School

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St. Paul's

Grades 5-12 All-Boys Middle and Upper School

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What does it mean to be an episcopal school?

Episcopal schools are challenged to integrate the physical, social, academic, and spiritual development of the whole child. As a group, Episcopal schools share:

  • A belief in the fundamental unity of the global family
  • A belief in the equality and dignity of all human beings
  • A belief in the sacredness of every individual and his or her conscience
  • A belief that love, compassion, unselfishness, and the force of inner truthfulness ultimately have greater power than hate, enmity, and self-interest
  • A commitment by each member of the school community to grow in service to others
  • A commitment to provide opportunities for worship and development of the spiritual life
  • A commitment to engage freely in ethical and religious discussion, when appropriate, in all academic disciplines
  • A commitment to an atmosphere of free inquiry in all academic pursuits as we seek the truth in a learning process unfettered by dogmatic considerations.

St. Paul’s School
11152 Falls Road 
P.O. Box 8100 
Brooklandville, Maryland 21022
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