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Team Histories

St. Paul's has attempted to compile as accurate as possible a history for each of its varsity sports. Please click on the links below for more information, and please feel free to contact us if you have any details you would like to add to a team's history.


19817-5Bill DurdenMickey Gilliand, John Hebecka, Rob Irwing  
19823-9Tom LongstrethRob Irwing, Mark Menendez  
19830-13Tom LongstrethBrent Antrim, Pat Williams  
19843-11Tom LongstrethEben Eck, Erik Hestvik  
19856-11Tom LongstrethCarlos Fernandez, Monty Krittle  
19869-8Tom LongstrethBaker Koppelman, Van Robinson Van Robinson
19876-7Tom LongstrethSerrick McNeil, Gary Penn Brant Rider
19889-4*Tom LongstrethDarren Jones, Brandt Rider, John Townsend Brantt Rider, Zeke Marshall
198913-4**Tom LongstrethChip Emmons, Zeke MarshallMIAA C ChampionsChip Moons, Zeke Marshall
199015-2**Tom LongstrethChip Emmons, Zeke Marshall, Andy RobinsonMIAA C ChampionsChip Emmons,  Zeke Marshall, Andy Robinson
19917-12Bruce LattaRyan Henley, Shawn Mahoney Ryan Hanley
19928-13Bruce LattaKevin Cooper, Ryan Henley Ryan Hanley
19936-8Tom LongstrethCarim Khouzzoni, Jeff Saxton Jeff Saxton
199411-4*Bruce LattaChris Beach, Steve Truitt Nick DeLeonardis
199516-6**Bruce LattaNick DeLeonardi, Greg YinMIAA B ChampionsNick DeLeonardis
199623-4**Paul BernstorfSkeets Dansicker, Chris HorichMIAA B ChampionsSkeets Dansicker
199717-12*Paul BernstorfJosh Deckelbaum, Adair Newhall, Justin SingletonMIAA A Runner UpJustin Singleton
19988-11Paul BernstorfBrett Shaver, Tom Trela Brett M. Shaver, Thomas T. Trela
19995-17Paul BernstorfRicky Cohen, Jim Mather Richard D. Cohen
200017-9*Paul BernstorfBen Farmer, Brent Weiss Brent M. Weiss
200120-15*Paul BernstorfBrent WeissMIAA A Runner UpBrent M. Weiss, Brian C. Perkins
200225-7**Paul BernstorfWalter Hill, Gordon TarolaMIAA A ChampionsDavid M. Beach, Thomas A. Herrmann, Jr.
200324-6**Paul BernstorfDavid Beach, Tom Herrmann, Ryan PrengerMIAA A ChampionsDavid M. Beach
200423-15*Paul BernstorfChad Durakis, Nick Perkins Charles A. Durakis, III, Steven D. Johnson
200523-11*Paul BernstorfSteve Johnson, Nathan CurdMIAA Runner UpSteven D. Johnson, Nathan E. Curd
200615-15*Paul BernstorfStephan Bernstorf Stephan A. Bernstorf
200719-13*Paul BernstorfLouey Mari, Matt Markey, Mike Moss Louis D. Mari , Matthew J. Markey
200817-11*Paul BernstorfColby Roane Colby A. Roane, John M. Carey
200915-12*Paul BernstorfJack Carey, Collin Majev John M. Carey
20108-13Pat WalshChris DelVecchio Christopher P. Del Vecchio
201117-11*Pat WalshBan Breckler, Paul Giulio, Rob Lucido, Lamonte WadeMIAA A Conference SemifinalistRobert J. Lucido
201214-12*Pat WalshAndrew Agnone, Lamonte Wade Herbert D. Trice III, Lamonte A. Wade  Jr.
201310-12Pat WalshJonathan Lucido, Isaiah Rose Jonathon J. Lucido   
201420-8*Pat WalshKieffer Rawlings, Jamal Wade, Bennett Briante Jamal E. Wade    
20158-15Pat WalshSpencer Horwitz, Ryan Glendon Ryan Glendon   
201614-13*Pat WalshJon Clemons, Spencer Horwitz, Tony Schultz Spencer Horwitz
20172-21Pat WalshBobby Cade Mornhinweg, Rhane Jones Rhane D. Jones
20183-18Brandon Taylor Ryan Rogan, Peter French, Kevin Madden Ryan L. Rogan
2019 4-15Brandon Taylor Tharen Costalas, Will Sharps  Alexander C. Sulin
* Playoffs** MIAA Champions

All-Time Individual Records


Batting Average

.543 Spencer Horwitz - 2016
.509 Andy Robinson (27/53) - 1990
.505 Josh Deckelbaum (46/91) - 1997
.500 Josh Deckelbaum (35/70) - 1996
.450 Josh Deckelbaum (100/222) - 1995-1997
.429 Jon Dansicker (76/177) - 1994-1996
.425 Brent Weiss (118/277) - 1998-2001


49 Jack Carey - 2007
46 Josh Deckelbaum - 1997
46 Steve Johnson - 2005
43 David Beach - 2003
43 Chad Durakis - 2004
168 Jack Carey - 2006-2009
155 Steve Johnson - 2002-2005
118 Brent Weiss - 1998-2001
118 David Beach - 2000-2003


44 Chad Durakis - 2004
42 Jon Dansicker - 1996
41 Steve Johnson - 2004
41 Brent Weiss - 2001
140 Steve Johnson - 2002-2005
118 Jack Carey - 2006-2008
113 Justin Singleton - 1994-1997
112 Colby Roane - 2005-2008


19 Steve Johnson - 2005
16 Jon Dansicker - 1996
15 Spencer Horwitz - 2016
15 Jack Carey - 2007
12 David Beach - 2002
12 Josh Deckelbaum - 1996
43 Jack Carey - 2006-2009
41 Steve Johnson - 2002-2005
31 David Beach - 2000-2003
24 Josh Deckelbaum - 1995-1997


5 Steve Johnson - 2005
5 Spencer Horwitz -2016
4 Chip Emmons - 1990
10 Jack Carey - 2006-2009
8 Brandt Rider - 1985-1988

Home Runs

16 Jack Carey - 2009
10 David Beach - 2003
9 Brent Weiss - 1999
8 Jon Dansicker - 1996
27 Jack Carey - 2006-2009
25 Brent Weiss - 1998-2001

Runs Batted In

61 Jack Carey - 2009
44 Jack Carey - 2007
43 David Beach - 2003
41 Adair Newhall - 1996
149 Jack Carey - 2006-2009
121 David Beach  -  2000-2003
107 Brent Weiss - 1998-2001

Stolen Bases

28 Brent Weiss - 2000
27 Chris Horich - 1996
67 Brent Weiss - 1998-2001
67 Justin Singleton - 1994-1997

Base on Balls

41 Colby Roane -  2007
36 Walter Hill - 2001
35 Brent Weiss -  2001
117 Walter Hill - 1999-2002
77 Brent Weiss - 1998-2001
73 Justin Singleton -  1994-1997



14 Brian Perkins - 2001
14 Baker Koppelman - 1986
41 Steve Johnson -  2002-2005
37 Brian Perkins - 1998-2001
23 Ryan Prenger - 2000-2002


10 Steve Johnson, Nate Curd - 2005
9 Brian Perkins - 2001
9 Rob Gardinier - 1996
9 Steve Johnson - 2004
34 Steve Johnson - 2002-2005
24 Ryan Prenger - 2000-2003
20 Brian Perkins - 1998-2001
19 Nathan Curd -  2002-2005

Innings Pitched

89.3 Baker Koppelman - 1986
84.3 Brian Perkins - 2001
267.3 Steve Johnson -  2002-2005
227. 6 Brian Perkins - 1998-2001
207 Ryan Prenger - 2000-2003


130 Steve Johnson - 2005
96 Steve Johnson -  2004
93 Nate Curd -       2005
323 Steve Johnson - 2002-2005
216 Nathan Curd -   2002-2005
173 Brian Perkins - 1998-2001

Earned Run Average
0.52 Jamal Wade -    2014
0.89 Steve Johnson - 2004 
1.33 Brian Perkins -   2001

Conference Championships

Conference Championships

1989    MSA C conference Champions
1990    MSA C Conference Champions
1995    MIAA B Conference Champions
1996    MIAA B conference Champions
1997    MIAA A Conference Runner-Up
2001    MIAA A Conference Runner-Up
2002    MIAA A Conference Champions
2003    MIAA A Conference Champions
2005    MIAA A Conference Runner-Up


Coaching Records at St. Paul’s

P. Bernstorf -   251-158 (14 Seasons)
P. Walsh  -      97-103 (8 Seasons)
T. Longstreth - 70-77 (10 Seasons)
B. Latta -       42- 35 (4 Seasons)
B. Durden -    7-5 (1 Season)


1935-193610-17Howdy Myers   
1936-193713-11Howdy Myers 1st time we defeated Loyola and Gilman 
1937-193811-9*Howdy MyersEdgar BoydFirst basketball team to beat BL and win all of its regular season league games.  Lost to Friends in 1st round of tournament. 
1938-193915-8**Howdy MyersCharles MoxleyMSA "B" Conference Champions,  IAC Co-Champions, First year for IAC (Interstate Academic Conference) 
1939-194029-1**Howdy MyersCharles MoxleyMSA "B" Conference Champions, Interacademic League, (new- Gilman, BL, SP McD, Friends)      
1940-194130-4**Howdy MyersJ.L. RobertsonBaltimore Interacademic League Champions, IAC Champions 
1941-194221-3*Howdy MyersDonald Galloway  
1942-194316-4Howdy MyersW. Thompson  
1943-194421-2**Howdy MyersW. CrockettMSA Champions 
1944-194520-5**Howdy MyersRobert Sandell, Charles ComptonMSA Champions 
1945-194618-5**Howdy MyersCharles Compton  
1946-194717-4Jim BoyerBill Hooper, Bill Keigler  
1947-19489-7Jim BoyerTom Compton  
1948-194919-5**Jim BoyerRobert LewisPrivate School Champions 
1949-19506-12Jim RatcliffeDean Wisch  
1950-19517-11Jim RatcliffeDick Britt  
1951-19529-8Jim RatcliffeDick Britt  
1952-19532-15Jim RatcliffeCarl Muly  
1953-19541-14Jim RatcliffeEarl Lewis  
1954-19559-10Jim RatcliffeWilliam Powell, Alfonse Kelz  
1955-195612-5Mitch TullaiLink BogartBob Vetters scores 36 pts in a 69-58 win over McDonogh 
1956-195713-5Mitch TullaiBob Diehl  
1957-19589-10Mitch TullaiJerry Schmidt  
1958-19598-9Mitch TullaiRaymond Chism  
1959-196015-4Mitch TullaiDavies Gunnoe  
1960-19618-9Mitch TullaiCampbell Shafer  
1961-196212-6George MitchellCarl Schultheis  
1962-19639-9George MitchellJames Chalfant  
1963-19647-11Mike RentkoMartin Cain, Robert Davis, Thomas Hasson  
1964-19659-7Tom LongstrethKirk Unruh, Alec McCosh  
1965-196610-6Tom LongstrethJim Peace, Bill Gordon  
1966-19675-11Tom LongstrethBruce Cornbrooks,  Jim Peace  
1967-19682-14Tom LongstrethMark Morris, Bob Heaps  
1968-19699-8Tom LongstrethCraig Unruh, Bob Heaps  
1969-197013-7Tom LongstrethCharles Conklin, Guy Talbot   
1970-1971 Tom LongstrethTy Cook, Al Sadtler, Don Zimmerman  
1971-197210-10Tom LongstrethMike Recher, Luke Tennis  
1972-19738-11Tom LongstrethJim Thomas, Wicky Sollers  
1973-19746-15Tom LongstrethGregory Callanan,  Bob Teasdall  
1974-19758-13Tom LongstrethBob Teasdall, James Gayhardt    
1975-197619-7Tom LongstrethWilliam Geary Stanley R. Clinton
1976-197718-4Tom LongstrethWilliam Pellington Timothy K. Michels
1977-19786-16Tom LongstrethSteve Stenerson, Michael Reihl Michael J. Reihl
1978-19798-18Tom LongstrethKermitt Billips Guy M. McKhann
1979-198010-24Tom LongstrethBrooks Pierce  
1980-198113-12Tom LongstrethLarry LeDoyen, Mick Gilland  
1981-198211-13Tom LongstrethLarry LeDoyen, Earl Matthews  
1982-198316-10**Tom LongstrethSteve Mitchell, Pat WilliamsMSA  B Conference Div II Champs 
1983-198411-13Tom LongstrethMichael Morrill, George Ritchie  
1984-19857-15Tom LongstrethPaul Berry, Peter McCleary  
1985-19867-11Tom LongstrethDavid Blenckstone,  Eugene Arbaugh  
1986-19877-14Rick CollinsKevin Knox, Alex Koch Gary S. Maxa
1987-198821-4**Rick CollinsCharles Cummings, DeVere BeardMSA C Conferece Champions 
1988-198919-6*Rick CollinsJason RoseMSA C Conference Runner-Up 
1989-199025-5*Rick CollinsZeke Marshall, Scott BacigalupoMSA C Conference Runner-Up 
1990-199129-3**Rick CollinsShane Tanyzmore, Rob BouseMSA C Conference Champions 
1991-199220-8**Rick CollinsRob Bouse, Simms JenkinsMSA C Conference ChampionsJosh Scheinker
1992-199310-16Rick CollinsBradley Read, Simms JenkinsMSA A ConferenceJason Woods
1993-19949-10Rick CollinsRyan Woods, Chris Beach, Sean KeenanMSA A ConferenceChris Beech
1994-199519-4*Rick CollinsChris HorichMIAA B Conference Runner-Up  Neal Charkatz
1995-199617-6**Rick CollinsMichael Satysur, Justin Singleton, Chris KakelMIAA B Conference ChampionsJustin Singleton, Adair Newhall
1996-199722-5**Rick CollinsJustin Singleton, Chris Kakel,  Michael SatyshurMIAA B Conference ChampionsMike Satyshur, Chad Unitas
1997-19989-15Tony MeyersMike Satyshur, Conor Gill, Toby Mink Mike Satyshur, William W. Whitty III 
1998-199912-12*Tony MeyersDoug Mueller, Trey Whitty William W. Whitty, III 
1999-200015-7*Tony MeyersKyle Koch,  Robert Steele Timothy K. Koch
2000-200117-5*Jack MacMullanTyler Tracy, Grant Halford Tyler M. Tracy
2001-200218-4**Jack MacMullanWill Baugher, Drew Dennis, Walter HillMIAA B Conference ChampionsDrew M. Dennis, Holden T. Plack
2002-200318-5*Jack MacMullanHolden Plack, Shel Simon Holden T. Plack, S. Raymond Brown, Jr.
2003-200412-4*Neil KeenanChad Durakis, Trip Bare Scott Dozier, Jr., Jason L. Caldwell
2004-20055-11Neil KeenanJason Caldwell Jason L. Caldwell
2005-20063-21Neil KeenanAlex Griswold Alexander F. Griswold
2006-200710-15Seth GoldbergDenmore McDermott Denmore N. McDermott
2007-200812-13*Seth GoldbergAdam Johnston Sidney J. D. McCray
2008-200920-5*Seth GoldbergSidney McCray Sidney J. D. McCray
2009-201015-7**Seth GoldbergWinfield WillisMIAA B Conference ChampionsWinfield T. Willis II, Virgil H. Davis III
2010-201120-8*Seth GoldbergNigel Sydnor Nigel M. Sydnor
2011-201220-9*Seth GoldbergTanner Brooks, LaMonte Wade Tanner A. Brooks, Lamonte A. Wade Jr.
2012-201312-14Seth GoldbergJason Tucker, Tony Williams Jason E. Tucker, Antonio Williams  Jr
2013-201416-7**Seth GoldbergIlba Camara, Tre Hamer, Zach BuhlMIAA B Conference ChampionsIbrahima Camera, Jeston Hamer  III  
2014-201516-9*Seth GoldbergBlake Brown, Gavin Dunbar, Daniel Wilson, Juwan Kearson, Ben Bagli, Ryan Lee, Malcolm Jews, Alexander Matsinye  Themba A. Matsinye, Zachary J. Bare   
2015-201616-9*Seth GoldbergZach Bare, Kevin Liles, Cameron Birchen, Adyn Johnson, Michael Ward Zachary J. Bare
2016-201719-8**Seth GoldbergNehemiah Page, Jared Simons, Michael WardMIAA B Conference ChampionsMichael F. Ward II
2017-201820-10*Seth GoldbergTrayon Wright, Renard Bulls, John Billups,  Jon Walker, AJ Sawyers, Marco Nandalah Trayon J. Wright
2018-2019 19-9*Phil HahnGrant Greenstein, Siegfried Reid, Troy Barthelme, Leo Kelly, Phil Stokes MIAA “B” Conference Runner-Up Siegfried R. Reid, Troy L. Barthelme
* Playoffs** MIAA Champions


Coaching Records at St. Paul's

Howdy Myers - 204-69 (11 seasons)
     5 Championship
Tom Longstreth - 203-234 (22 Seasons)
     2 Runners ups
Seth Goldberg - 194-112 (12 Seasons)
     3 Championships
Rick Collins - 201-83 (11 Seasons)
     5 Championships
     3 Runner ups
Mitch Tullai - 65-42 (6 Seasons)
Jack McMullan - 53-14 (3 Seasons)
     1 Championship
Jim Boyer - 45-16 (3 Seasons)
     1 Championship
Tony Meyers - 36-34 (3 Seasons)
Jim Ratcliffe - 34-70 (6 Seasons)
George Mitchell - 21-15 (2 Seasons)
Neil Keenan - 20-36 (3 Seasons)
Mike Rentko - 7-11 (1 Season)



Crew began in the spring of 2001 with about two eights worth of boys. Rowing out of Canton from 2001-2002 and The Living Classrooms Foundation property from 2003-2005, the crew team gauged success in the early going by learning to row better each week, starting to beat boats here and there and training harder and harder.

Then in 2004, rowing our first brand new Vespoli eight and four, St. Paul’s starting winning regattas. In 2005, we won all five races we entered at the William Fritz Regatta on the Potomac that year, stunning all our rivals. That same year, we even surprised ourselves by finishing sixth in the Jr. 4 event at the Stotesbury Cup Regatta, the worlds largest and most competitive high school regatta.

Always a popular sport at St. Paul’s, rowing was also gaining a competitive reputation and began drawing larger numbers to the team. In 2006 we moved to Middle River and began having longer, more productive practices on calm water without battling water taxis and huge wakes in the Inner Harbor. Boys started training harder in the winter months to get ready for spring crew and it showed. Our fleet of boats expanded to two eights and three fours to accommodate a steady 35 to 38 rowers by 2009. More important, rowers emerged in the last five years as serious athletes and contenders for college recruiting. Therefore, the top rowers led the way in training and setting a tone of a serious commitment to winning. Since 2009 SP Rowing has continued to improve, placing consistently in the grand finals of the Stotesbury Regatta in the Boys Junior and Senior 4 events, with the team’s first bronze medal coming in 2013.

In the past six years, St. Paul’s rowers have gone on to row at the following collegiate programs: Colgate, Coast Guard, Williams, Georgetown, Middlebury, Rollins, Hobart, Yale, Navy, Vermont, U. Penn, Trinity, Brown, and Drexel. Among those athletes, SP rowers have been in boats that have won Eastern Sprints titles and National Championship medals. Stay tuned in 2014-2015 for results of the Oxford/Cambridge Boat Race, in which Morgan Gerlak ’10 will be participating for the Dark Blues of Oxford.

2001Judd Anderson Alexander G. Cook
2002Judd Anderson Garrett W. Wilson
2003Judd Anderson James H. Eichorn
2004Judd Anderson Mark L. Robson
2005Judd Anderson James C Graeber
2006Judd Anderson Nicholas M. Greaver
2007Judd Anderson Andrew W. Paik
2008Judd Anderson William M. Gore
2009Judd Anderson Timothy B. Broughton
2010Judd Anderson Morgan S. Gerlak
2011Nick Stollenmeyer Noah D. Price, Brock A. Reich
2012Nick Stollenmeyer Andrew K.Broughton
2013Nick Stollenmeyer Timothy J. Peters   
2014Nick Stollenmeyer Thomas Keegan O’Donnell
2015Nick Stollenmeyer Charles Broughton Coulson
2016Nick Stollenmeyer Nick Smith
2017Nick Stollenmeyer Patrick D. McGinnis, Ryan Bridges
2018Nick Stollenmeyer Douglas A. Bartlett
2019Christopher Phillips  Douglas A. Bartlett

Cross Country

1952 Charles Heller    
1953 Charles Heller    
19542-6Charles Heller    
1955 Charles Heller    
19566-4Charles Heller    
195714-13Charles Heller    
19589-2Charles Heller    
19592-4Don Pace    
1979 Bill Bassett    
1980 William AnthonyKeith Prem, Paul Denoncourt   
19815-4Desi McNelisCameron Huey, Paul Denoncourt   
1982 Desi McNelisMark Dees   
19838-2Desi McNelisMark Dees Mark Dees MSA Champion 
1984 Jeffrey Wilhelm    
1985 Desi McNelis MSA B Conference Champions  
198617-1**Desi McNelis MSA B Conference Champions  
1987 Desi McNelis MSA B Conference Champions  
19885-5Desi McNelis MSA A Conference  
19895-5Desi McNelisJeff SpringerMSA  A Conference  
19905-5Desi McNelisJeff SpringerMSA  A Conference  
19914-6Desi McNelis MSA  A Conference Larry Katsafanas
19925-5-1Desi McNelisSouthhall LloydMSA  A Conference Matt Curtis, Southall Lloyd
19935-5Desi McNelisSteve TruittMIAA  A Conference Nat Coughlin
19946-6Desi McNelis MIAA  A Conference Chris Johnston
1995 Desi McNelis MIAA  A Conference Peter Steenland
19969-5Desi McNelis MIAA  A Conference Peter Steenland
199712-4Desi McNelis MIAA A Conference Joshua D. Henderson, Bryan M. Costa
199811-3Desi McNelis MIAA A Conference Bryan M. Costa
19992-4Desi McNelis MIAA A Conference James A. Gillis
20001-7Kevin CroninTroy SmithMIAA A Conference Nicholas D. Van Sant
200110-7Kevin CroninNick Van Sant, Chad Gillenwater MIAA B Conference Nick D. Van Sant
200211-10Gary HoukRámon ClarkMIAA B Conference Takahiro Matsuura
200310-2**Gary HoukClarke SaylorMIAA B Conference ChampionsKojo Kumah 2003 MIAA B Conference ChampionClarke M.T. Saylor
200411-2Gary HoukClarke SaylorMIAA B Conference Runner-UpMatt Lunnen 2004 MIAA B Conference ChampionMatthew T. Lunnen
200518-2Gary HoukRico RodriguezMIAA B Conference Runner-Up Brayden L. Cleary 
200614-0**Gary HoukBrayden ClearyMIAA B Conference Champions Brayden L. Cleary, Brian L. Scarlett 
200714-1Gary HoukPhilippe Simard, Zaccai WilliamsMIAA B Conference Runner-Up William M. Gore
200820-2Gary HoukJames SaylorMIAA B Conference Runner-Up James P. L. Saylor
200915-1**Keith CulbertsonColin SecorMIAA B Conference Champions Colin C. K. Secor
201010-1Keith CulbertsonVincent Carbone, Stuart Young MIAA B Conference 3rd Place Vincent J. Carbone
201119-0**Keith CulbertsonJeremy Becker, Timmy PetersMIAA B Conference Champions Henry G. Becker
201211-0**Keith CulbertsonTeddy Plass, Sam ShelhossMIAA B Conference Champions Timothy J. Peters  
20139-1Keith CulbertsonJack MutchnikMIAA A Conference Runner-Up Jonathan S. Hamed     
20142-7Keith CulbertsonConnor Coleman  Connor B. Coleman
20150-7Keith CulbertsonNick Smith, Grant Baker   Nicholas B. Smith
20162-4Keith CulbertsonEgan Jett-Palmer, Peter Heflin  Eagan R. Jett-Palmer
20174-3Keith CulbertsonPhillip Heflin, Gavin Sullivan, Reagan Milchling  Phillip M. Heflin III
20183-4Keith CulbertsonMarco Grados, Maxwell Hammond, Thomas Linz, Reagan Milchling  Ian S. Coleman
* Playoffs** MIAA Champions


1936   Champions 
1937   Champions 
19407-0-1**Howdy MyersMarshall Austin  
19416-2Howdy MyersRay Greene, Howard Smedley  
19423-4-2Howdy MyersWilliam Thompson  
19430-8Howdy MyersGeorge Mitchell, William Thompson  
19445-4Howdy MyersBill Hooper  
19458-1**Howdy MyersBill Hooper, Charles Compton Private School Champions 
19461-4-3Pic FullerBill Keigler, Bill Hooper  
19473-5Pic FullerBill Keigler   
19487-1**Pic FullerTom Compton  
19494-2-1Al BakerWaller Wilson     
19502-6Jim AdamsTony Leigh  
19510-8Jim AdamsJames Grieves, Dick Britt  
19522-2Jim AdamsGordy Miller, Thomas Moore  
19530-6Mitch TullaiJames Lewis, Gordy Miller  
19541-7Mitch TullaiJock Jankey, Bob Powell  
19555-2-1Mitch TullaiLink Bogart, Nick Ratcliffe  
19565-3Mitch TullaiStreet Whiteford, Parker Leimbach  
19575-1-1Mitch TullaiNeal Smith, Jerry Schmidt  
19583-5Mitch TullaiJohn Sherwood, James Crum  
19595-3Mitch TullaiCharles Verdery, Skip Darrell, Charles Gunnoe  
19607-1Mitch TullaiRobert Ruth, John Wright  
19616-2Mitch TullaiPete Toy,  Ridgely Warfield, Winnie Blenckstone  
19624-4Mitch TullaiCarl Ortman, Skip Flanagan  
19634-3-1Mitch TullaiGerald Bresee, Pete Caples  
19641-7Mitch TullaiJack Steil, Randall Coleman  
19656-2Mitch TullaiKirk Unruh,  Bill Gordon,  Robert McDowell  
19668-1**Mitch TullaiHarry Pollock, Bart EllingerMSA C Conference Champs 
19673-6Mitch TullaiWizard Gilbert, Dave Grant, Roger Stenerson  
19683-6Mitch TullaiDavid Dempsey, Michael Kirby  
1969 Mitch Tullai   
19706-0-1**Mitch TullaiNeil McCabe, Carter McDowellTri County Champions 
19717-1**Mitch TullaiGary Cornbrooks, Wicky SollersTri County Champions 
19727-1**Mitch TullaiWicky Sollers, Charles Mitchell,  Charles HootTri County ChampionsG. Kirkpatrick Culbertson
19732-6Mitch TullaiChristopher Burgin Willaim B. Davis
19745-1-3Mitch Tullai   
19757-2Mitch TullaiWilliam Geary William M. Pellington
19765-4Mitch TullaiTim Michels, William Pellington, Jeff Fountain, Bob Clements Jeff C. Fountain
19776-2Mitch TullaiGillis Green, Steve Stenerson, Ken Riley, B.J. Land Kenneth L. Riley
19785-4Mitch TullaiStewart Shettle, Curtis Roundtree, Kermit Billups E. Curtiss Roundtree
19797-2**Mitch TullaiBrooks Pierce, Mark PellingtonTri County ChampionsBrooks H. Pierce
19804-5Mitch TullaiTom Riehl,  Mick Gilland  
19816-2-1Mitch TullaiEvander, Linthicum  
19827-2Mitch TullaiLarry LeDoyenTri County Champions 
19834-5Mitch TullaiBrian Abbott,  Eric Levitt, Greg Mix  
1984 Mitch TullaiFreemont Knittle, Brian Abbott, Mark Riley  
19850-8-1Mitch TullaiDavid Blenckstone, Dawayne Judd, Robert Burgin  
19863-5-1Mitch TullaiGeorge Morris George B. Morris, Jr.
19876-3Mitch TullaiJeff Simkin, Jack Collins, Mike House  
19884-3Mitch TullaiWilson Barnes, Alex Shipley, Andrew Coale  
19897-2**Mitch TullaiPeter Greene,  Scott BacigalupoMSA C Conference Champions 
19908-1**Mitch Tullai MSA C Conference Champions 
19918-1**Mitch TullaiTroy Thingelstad, Renato RotondoMSA C Conference Champions 
19929-0**Mitch TullaiSteve Karvounis, Ben Strutt, Shawn BeanMSA C Conference ChampionsCharles Offutt, Todd Lowe
19937-2-1**Mitch Tullai MSA C Conference ChampionsShawn Bean, John Solter
19946-3Brian AbbottNate Bent, Tucker Radabaugh, Scott Kim Scott Kim
199510-0**Brian AbbottBrandon Bortner, Chris Kakel, Chris Berrier, Scott KimMIAA B Conference ChampionsScott Kim, Brandon Bortner
19969-0**Brian AbbottJR Sanchez, Conor Gill, Kimball Payne, Ricky CoberMIAA B Conference ChampionsRichard Cober
19973-6Brian AbbottJohn DiCamillo, Conor Gill, Nick Alevrogiannis John DiCamillo
19988-1Brian AbbottDoug Muellor, Nick Alevrogiannis, Trey Whitty,  Jon Berrier Dan Casella
19996-3Brian AbbottDonnell Stewart, Ben Bartlett, Jon Berrier, Robert Steele Kris L. Kogelschatz, Donnell R. Stewart
20007-2Brian AbbottScott Boyle, Brendan Gill, Grant Halford, Kris Kogelschatz Kris L. Kogelschatz, Brendan O. Gill
20014-5Brian AbbottGordon Tarola,  Tyson Rupprecht Gordon R. Tarola
20026-4**Dave Dolch Mike Kasper,  Brian McgettiganMIAA B Conference ChampionsMichael R. Kasper
20035-4**Dave DolchNolan Matthews,  Steve Michalos, Matt KogelschatzMIAA B Conference ChampionsSteven A. Michalos
20044-6Dave DolchJason Caldwell, Chris Illardo Christopher M. Ilardo
20056-3Dave DolchNathan Matthews,  John Yurek, Alex Griswold, JC Unitas J. Nathan Matthews
20066-4Dave DolchChris Clements, Brian Johns, Zach Stonesifer Christopher T. Clements
20075-6Dave DolchBrian Taafe, Colby Roane, Peter Smyth, Jacob Fadkin Michael A. Shipley
20087-4Dave DolchHarry Kreiger, Troy Jones, Austin Crabill, Mike Kogelschatz G. Austin Crabill
20093-7Paul BernstorfGavin Class, Zach Linkous, David Mitchell-McShane, Jake Shipley Gavin J. Class, Zachary M. Linkous
20106-3Paul BernstorfGunnar Waldt, Jay Carlson, Joe Carbone, Taylor Michael James T. Carlson, Gunnar L. Waldt
20115-4Paul BernstorfAJ Koikoi, London Fitzhugh, Evan Schwab, Will Ensor London D. M. Fitzhugh, Travis C. Wood
201211-0**Paul BernstorfDale Harris, Alex Auwaeter, Teddy Martinez, Travis WoodMIAA "B" Conference ChampionsDale M. Harris Jr., Teddie A. Martinez  
20139-1**Paul BernstorfKeiffer Rawlings, Tre Hamer, Hunter Pearl, Hank FordMIAA "B" Conference ChampionsJeston Hamer  III, Keith A. Rawlings, Jr
20145-4*Paul BernstorfGarrett Mullin, Anthony Pino, Alan KoikoiMIAA "B" Conference Runners-UpAnthony J. Pino,  Allan W. Koikoi   
20151-8Paul BernstorfJoe Pollard, John Faus, Tyler Rockhill Joseph P Pollard, Tyler L. Rockhill
20161-8Paul BernstorfBilly Chizmar, Alex Rode, Bobby Cade Mornhinweg Robert C. Mornhinweg
20174-5Scott RipleyJohn Urban,  John Billups, Chris Cabral, Jon Walker John W. Urban
20186-3Scott RipleyPrinceton Douglass, Chad Vasquenza, Leo Kelly, Jack Parr Leo J. M. Kelly IV, Hunter J. Parr
* Playoffs** MIAA Champions


Coaching Records at St. Paul's

Martin "Mitch" Tuallai - 205-128-11 (41 Seasons)
    6 MSA "C" Conference Championships
    5 Tri-County Championships
Howdy Myers - 59-29-6 (11 Seasons)
    1 "A" Conference Championship
    4 "B" Conference Championships
    1 "B" Conference Runner up
Brian Abbott '84 - 53-20 (8 Seasons)
    2 "B" Conference Championships
Paul Bernstorf - 41-33-1 (8 Seasons)
    2 "B" Conference Championships
    1 "B" Conference Runner Up
Dave Dolch - 39-30-1 (7 Seasons)
    2 "B" Conference Championships
Frank Mead - 13-5-3 (3 Seasons)
    1 "B" Conference Championship
    1 "B" Conference Runner up
Pic Fuller - 11-10-3 (3 Seasons)
Al Baker - 4-2-4 (1 Season)
Jim "Ace" Adams '44 - 4-16 (3 Seasons)
Scott Ripley - 4-5 (1 Season)



1982 Wayne PorterNo Team     
   Phil Bundy14th173/86.5   
   Brett Mosher15th174/87.0   
19838-6Wayne PorterBret Mosher*#2nd159/79.5Tom TuttleMC/93 
   Phil Bundy*5th166/83.0Pat SchlagMC/96 
      David DodgeMC/106 
      James DerricksonMC/106 
198414-1-1Wayne PorterPhil Bundy*#1st152/76.0Pat SchlagMC/90 
  Rick CollinsBrett Mosher*5th166/83.0Bill SeamansMC/97 
   Tom Tuttle18th180/90.0   
   Brian Treweek21st189/94.5   
19850-11Wayne Porter   Tom Tuttle*MC/89 
      Chris TittelMC/93 
      Mark GrothMC/97 
      Jack HornadayMC/98 
      Matt CostaMC/105 
      Al FrankianMC/118 
19860-10Wayne PorterChris Tittel *#1st153/76.5   
19873-9Randy Woods   Todd HorstMC 
      Mark GrothMC 
      Allen HouseMC 
      Craig SeymourMC 
      Michael DentMC 
      Bill RoweMC 
1988No Team       
1989No Team       
1990No Team       
19911-9Randy Woods      
19920-10Randy Woods   Justin WeigoldMC/188/94.0 
      Tad BauerMC/199/99.5 
      Tom McInnesMC/211/105.5 
      Trey GrimmMC/ 232/116 
      Sinclair EddayWD 
19934-6Rick CollinsTad Bower13th252/84.0Justin WeigoldMC/189/94.5 
  Wayne Porter   David CameronMC/95 
      Sinclair Eddy*MC/99 
      Tom McInnesMC/106 
      Josh MatthewsMC/106 
199412-2Rick Collins   Josh MatthewsMC/178/89.0E. Justin Weigold
      Justin Weigold*  
      David CameronMC/181/90.5 
      Tad BowerMC/184.92.0 
      James KnottMC/188/94.0 
      Tom McInnes  
19956-5Rick CollinsDavid Cameron*16th258/86.0Adair NewhallMC/89James F. Knott, Jr.
   Brian Toth22nd268/89.3Jason CreightonMC/88 
      James KnottMC/91 
      Kris LabadieMC/100 
199611-2Rick CollinsBrian Toth7th247/82.6James Knott*MC/172/86.0James F. Knott, Jr.
      James CareyMC/174/87.0 
      Mike GrimmMC/180/90.0 
      Chris EmerickMC/93 
      Jason CreightonMC/97 
199712-3Rick CollinsBrian Toth #3rd233/77.6Matt DalbkeMC/169/84.5Jason A. Creighton
   Bill Little9th247/82.3Jason Creighton*MC/92 
   Mike Grimm10th248/82.6   
   Chad Unitas*22nd262/87.3   
19986-6Rick CollinsBrian Toth*5th233/77.6Matt DalbkeMC/88Michael J. Grimm
   Bill Little14th242/80.6Chris EmerickMC/166/83 
   Mike Grimm15th244/81.3   
   Steve Colnitis16th245/81.6   
199915-0-1Rick CollinsMike Grimm*1st231/77.0  Michael J. Grimm
   Ben Phelps4th235/78.3   
   Steve Colnitis6th239/79.6   
   Chris Emerick12th242/80.6   
   Rob Ellrich16th244/81.3   
   Bill Little20th248/82.6   
200012-4Rick CollinsBen Phelps #2nd226/75.3  William L. Little Jr.
   Steve Colnitis4th231/77.0   
   Mark Quick5th232/77.3   
   Rob Ellrich9th234/78.0   
   Bill Little*16th239/79.6   
   Ben Hoyle20th251/83.6   
200115-1Rick CollinsGreg Rodgers #1st223/74.3  Steven C. Colnitis, Robert H. Ellrich, Benjamin H. Phelps
   Steve Colnitis*6th232/77.3   
   Mark Quick6th232/77.3   
   Ben Phelps*10th235/78.3   
   Rob Ellrich*21st245/81.6   
   Trip Bare26th249/83.0   
200213-2Rick CollinsGreg Rodgers2nd224/74.6Mark Quick*MC/164/82.0Mark W. Quick
   Trip Bare5th230/76.6   
   David Feeley7th234/78.0   
   Tyler Bare14th238/79.3   
   Adam Obaza18th243/81.0   
200316-0Rick CollinsGreg Rodgers*#^1st221/73.6Tyler BareMC/159/79.5Jonathon D. Kassolis
   Trip Bare*#3rd228/76.0Jon KassolisMC/167/83.5 
   Mike O'Neil4th233/77.6   
   David Feeley18th243/81.0   
200413-2Rick CollinsGreg Rodgers*#<1st219**/73.0Jon ZornMC/166/83.0Gregory C. Rodgers, William O. Bare, III.
   Tyler Bare#2nd219/73.0   
   Trip Bare*5th227/75.6   
   Mike O'Neil7th232/77.3   
   David Feeley9th234/78.0   
200518-2Rick CollinsMike O'Neil*#1st216*/72.0Jon ZornMC/166/83.0Michael N. O’ Neil, David W. Feeley
   David Feeley*13th233/77.6John LalleyMC/83 
   Tyler Bare*#13th233/77.6   
   Mike Hall 15th234/78.0   
200610-3-4Rick CollinsKyle Wheeler#3rd228/76.0Mike Hall*MC/161/80.5Michael K. Hall
   Jon Zorn9th235/78.3Tim PreyMC/164/82.0 
   Steven Albright12th239/79.6   
   Mike Kelen22nd249/83.0   
200713-2-1Rick Collins Mike Kelen<#1st223/74.3T.J. ScottMC/166/83.0Michael B. Kelen, Jonathon R. Zorn
   Steven Albright#5th233/77.6Jon Zorn*MC/85 
   Tim Prey16th239/79.6Kyle WheelerNC/DQ 
20089-6Rick CollinsTim Prey*4th75Jeff FischerMC/90Timothy C. Prey
   Steven Albright11th78Nick KurganskyMC/91 
   Eric Milbourn23rd83Rich CloughMC/104 
20096-8Rick CollinsSteven Albright*14th155/77.5Hunter McGuirkMC/85Steven M.  Albright
   Eric MilbournMCMC/80Tom DicksonMC/92 
   Nick KurganskyMCMC/84Matt RutkovitzMC/96 
20101-8Rick CollinsHunter McGuirk*9th158/79.0Haywood SarkesMC/95Hunter D. McGuirk
   Sam HaigleyMCMC/85Bradley CloughMC/97 
   Tom DicksonMCMC/86Conner AntlitzMC/102 
20112-7Rick CollinsHunter McGuirk*6th231/77Tom Dickson173/86.5Hunter D. McGuirk
   Conner Antlitz 169/84.5Sam HaigleyMC/88 
   Hayward Sarkes 172/86Bradley CloughMC/95 
20123-7Rick CollinsHunter McGuirk*17th240/80Haywood SarkesMC/88Hunter D. McGuirk, Haywood T. Sarkes
   Conner Antlitz19th250/83.3Charlie HooperMC/90 
   Tom Dickson MC/87Jonathan WarnsMC/101 
20132-7Rick CollinsThomas Carroll 164/82Jordan Duke169/84.5Albert Connor Antlitz  
   Ben Morris 165/82.5Michael JamesMC/87 
   Wynn Geis 167/83.5Conner Antlitz*MC/94 
20146-5Rick CollinsBen Morris9th197/78.8Michael James169/88.5Thomas R. Carroll
 4-3 Thomas Carroll15th201/80.4Trip SmithMC/90 
 3rd place Wynn Geis 178/89Brett WakemanMC/96 
201510-3Rick CollinsBen Morris4th148/74.0Trip Smith83/MCWynn Michel Geis, Michael Allen James   
 9-2 Tyler CaballeroT-13158/79.0Will Ford83/MC 
 Div. Champ Wynn Geis* 83/MCMichael James*85/MC 
201615-0Rick CollinsWill Ford4th74/72Campbell Shelhoss83/MCBenjamin J. Morris, Brett F. Wakeman
 14-0 Lou Baker7th69/79   
   Ben Morris*10th74/75   
   Trip Smith14th76/78   
   Jake Geis17th79/78   
201713-2Rick CollinsLou BakerT-2nd73/70Jake Geis*83/MCWilliam E. Ford, Robert F. Smith 
 13-1 Trip Smith*T-8th79/73   
   Will Ford* 10th75/78   
   Tyler Caballero*T-13th75/81   
   Joseph Hudak22nd80/88   
201813-2Eric Nordstrom Lou Baker*4th73/72Patrick Rowland 83/MCGeorge L. Baker IV
 13-1 Joseph HudakT-7th72/77Palmer Foote86/MC 
   Brandon WilsonT-7th76/73   
   T.J. Burkom24th81/82   
2019 9-5Eric Nordstrom Lou Baker* T-2nd78/71 TJ Burkom84/MC George L. Baker IV
  8-4  Brandon WilsonT-2nd 80/69 Joseph Hudak85/MC 
   Patrick Roland 20th 83/82  Davis Wille89/MC  
MSA/MIAA Champions  * Captain
MIAA Runner-up  # All Metro
Individual Champion  < Player of the year
Strokeplay Champions 


Individual Champions

YearChampion Runner-Up
1983 Brett Mosher
1984Phil Bundy 
1986Chris Tittel 
1999Mike Grimm 
2000 Ben Phelps
2001Greg Rodgers 
2002 Greg Rodgers
2003Greg Rodgers 
2004Greg RodgersTyler Bare
2005Mike O'Neil 
2007Mike Kelen 
2017 Lou Baker

Strokeplay Champions


All Metro Players


 Brett Mosher

1984Brett Mosher
1986Chris Tittel
1997Brian Toth
2000Ben Phelps
2001Greg Rodgers
2003Greg Rodgers
2004Greg Rodgers
2005Mike O'Neil
2006Kyle Wheeler
2007Mike Kelen

Player of the Year

2003Greg Rodgers
2004Greg Rodgers
2007Mike Kelen

Ice Hockey

St. Paul's Hockey Program Origins

In 1990-91, a group of boys including Michael Franks (Stick Boy for the AHL Skipjacks), Tim Swiss, Scott Paymer, and others did not want to wrestle, play basketball or take physical education during the winter season.  They asked Michael's father, Denis Franks to sponsor ice hockey, and he agreed.  The Athletic Director at the time, Mark Ruess, supported the plan, and the boys started skating as a Club twice a week at Patterson Park.  Martin Juranick, Darren McCausland, and other members of the AHL Skipjacks helped serve as instructors, and in 1992-1993 the squad joined the Maryland Scholastic Hockey League as a 'developmental' team.  Lloyd Bunting, a lacrosse player at Hopkins in the 1950's and member of the lacrosse Hall of Fame was convinced to coach and helped steer the team in its first two years of interscholastic competition.  The program became a non-developmental team in 1994-95, and Mr. Rokous became the first faculty coach. With persistence from the school's hockey families, Headmaster Hallett agreed to help make St. Paul's the first MIAA school to award Varsity letters for ice hockey.  And the rest as they say is history!

Overall Records

1995-19962-11-1Chris Rokous  Andrew Combs
1996-19973-9Chris RokousJohn Payne Kimball Payne
1997-19980-11Derek StikeleatherCrickie Thomas Christopher B. Thomas
1998-19991-12-2Derek StikeleatherBryan Costa Taylor E. Vreeland
1999-20009-5-1*Derek Stikeleather Mike Rosolio Mathew Marchildon
2000-20018-10-1*Derek StikeleatherTaylor Vreeland  MIAA B Conference Runner UpAlfred P. Shires
2001-20025-7-1*Derek StikeleatherGreg WrightMIAA B Conference Runner UpGregory T. Wright
2002-200310-6-2*Eric NordstromDavid Cornbrooks Eric K. Wright
2003-20046-1-1*Eric NordstromDavid Cornbrooks R. Samuel Slater
2004-200511-6-1**Eric NordstromGrady GoldbergMIAA B Conference ChampionsC. Douglas G. Carpenter, Jr.
2005-200610-5-1*Eric NordstromGarrett QuinnMIAA B Conference Runner UpGarrett M. Quinn
2006-200710-5-1*Eric NordstromGray McCrickard Tyler N. Kapp                 
2007-200815-1-1**Eric NordstromChris WilsonMIAA B Conference ChampionsTyler N. Kapp, Patrick W. Powderley
2008-200916-0-0**Eric NordstromDavid FleishmanMIAA B Conference ChampionsTyler N. Kapp
2009-201012-1-0*Eric NordstromDerek BraigMIAA B Conference Runner UpJames C. Tautkus
2010-201110-8*Eric Smith Jack BurtonMIAA B Conference Runner UpJohn Daniel Burton
2011-20126-12*Eric Smith Sean BakerMIAA B Conference Runner UpSean T. Baker
2012-20133-12-1Sam KaplanAndrew Nelson Griffin E. Stuhlman  
2013-20146-7**Sam KaplanWhit SchweizerMIAA B Conference ChampionsWhitney C. Schweizer   
2014-201511-3-2**Sam KaplanNed MorelandMIAA B Conference ChampionsEdward C. Moreland   
2015-20163-10-1Sam KaplanSpencer Horwitz, Mitchell Haigley Mitchell R. Haigley
2016-20175-7-2Sam KaplanSteven Baker Steven L. Baker
2017-20185-9Sam KaplanKevin Madden Michael F. Blandino
2018-20192-9-1Sam KaplanAvvi Tanasiyenko  Timothy A. Cole
* Playoffs** MIAA Champions


19335-4-1William Pugh     
19347-2-1William Pugh     
19354-8William Pugh     
193610-3-1Howdy Myers     
193712-2*Howdy Myers     
19389-4Howdy Myers     
19397-4-1Howdy Myers     
194013-1**Howdy Myers MIAA Conference Champions   
194113-1**Howdy Myers MIAA Conference Champions   
194211-2**Howdy Myers MIAA Conference Champions   
194315-0**Howdy MyersJoshua Brooks MIAA Conference Champions   
194414-0**Howdy Myers MIAA Conference Champions   
194515-0**Howdy MyersCharles Compton MIAA Conference Champions   
194617-0**Howdy MyersCharles Compton MIAA Conference Champions   
194713-1*Pic FullerBill Keigler    
194810-3*Pic Fuller     
194910-2*Ray GreeneRobert Lewis    
19509-1*Ray Greene     
195112-0**Jim AdamsLeroy HedgesMIAA Conference Champions   
195211-1**Jim AdamsDick BrittMIAA Conference Champions   
195312-2**Jim AdamsThomas Moore, Gerald BennettMIAA Conference Champions   
19549-4*Gene CorriganJim Lewis    
195512-2**Gene CorriganJohn Sheehan, Jock Jankey, Stephen FertigMIAA Conference Champions   
19569-3*Tommy Tongue     
195710-2**George Mitchell MIAA Conference Champions   
195810-1-1*George MitchellRoy Mayne, Pete Sheehan    
19598-4*George MitchellJimmy Crum, Robert Gore    
196013-1**George MitchellLauren Scheffenacker, Jim ShreeveMIAA Conference Champions   
196110-3**George MitchellRichard Peterson, Howland RobertsMIAA Conference Champions   
196210-5-1*George MitchellWinston Blenckstone, Pete Toy    
19638-4-1George Mitchell     
19644-5Mike Rentko     
19657-5Mike RentkoRyan Coleman, John deRussy, Jack Steil  Randall C. Coleman, III 
19668-5Mike Rentko   Robert A. MacCool 
196712-2**Mike RentkoBruce Cornbrooks, Jim Peace, Harry PollockMIAA Conference ChampionsWilliam H. Conkling, Jr. Bruce D. Cornbrooks 
19685-8-1George MitchellSteve Edelen, Gordon Gilbert Ivan R. Drechsler, IIIC. Gordon Gilbert, Jr. 
196913-0**George MitchellSandy Drechsler, Les MatthewsMIAA Conference Champions Frank B. Robertson, III 
197011-2**George Mitchell MIAA Conference Champions Mark C. Remington 
19719-4**George MitchellFred Hodges, Al Sadtler, Don ZimmermanMIAA Conference Champions David T. Warfield 
19726-10George Mitchell   Peter B. Sparks 
19737-5George Mitchell  Christopher C. BurginTimothy M. MoultonCharles W. Mitchell
19749-2*George Mitchell  Christopher C. BurginPeter R. SparksChristopher A. Pistell
19758-4George MitchellRobert Clements, John Gerber, Robert Teasdall  John M. Black 
197610-3*George Mitchell  Peter W. Eisenbrandt, Bruce J. FiskeBruce J. FiskeTimothy K. Michels
197713-1*George MitchellChip Carlson, Dennis Childs, Tim Michels Steven B. StenersonWilliam M. PellingtonTimothy K. Michels
19785-5George Mitchell  Steven B. StenersonGeorge L. Mitchell, Jr.E. Curtiss Roundtree
197914-3**George MitchellDavid Westerlund, William Ness, Jay Secor, Curtis RoutreeMIAA Conference ChampionsWilliam E. NessJ. Ketchum SecorE. Curtiss Roundtree
19809-4*George Mitchell   William K. Morrill, III 
198111-3**George MitchellRobert Downes, Larry LeDoyen, William MorrillMIAA Conference Champions Robert W. Downes 
198213-2**George MitchellLarry LeDoyen, Scott EvanderMIAA Conference Champions Stewart C. Lee 
19837-5George Mitchell   Michael N. Morrill 
19846-7George Mitchell     
19857-6George Mitchell     
19868-8Jamie AndrewDavid Ridgely, Carlos Millan, Albert Wilkerson    
198710-7*Jamie Andrew  Troy E. OdenM. Alexander KochLee H. Hine
19883-11Jamie AndrewJoe LeSeta    
198912-5Mitch WhiteleyKirk Olsen, Ian Fusting    
199012-6Mitch WhiteleyScott Reid, Charley MacKenzie, Scott Bacigalupo    
199114-4**Mitch WhiteleyMichael Fronk, Kyle DurkeeMIAA Conference Champions   
199217-0**Mitch WhiteleyTim Whiteley, Rob Bouse, Joe GelbardMIAA Conference ChampionsJoey GelbardTom KeratzesTom Keratzes
199314-2*Mitch WhiteleyPat Doyle, Ben Strutt Ben StruttJoey UnitasPat Doyle
199412-6*Mitch WhiteleyJohn Solter, Sean Keenan Billy RuhlJamie PollockBrian Reese
199511-8*Rick BrocatoTucker Radebaugh, Rob Uhlig, Chris Berrier Tucker RadabaughJason TurnerRichard Yost
199618-3*Rick BrocatoRich Yost, Chris Kakel, Chris Berrier Richard ReidDavid RauchRichard Yost
199715-5*Rick BrocatoConor Gill, Kimbell Payne, Tom Halford, Bob Warehane, Rick Cober Tom HalfordRobert WerhaneScott Marimow
199817-4*Rick BrocatoJohn DiCamillo, Michael Satyshur, Conor Gill Alex Poole, Mike SatyshurThomas M. Mink, Jr.Scott Marimow
199915-6*Rick BrocatoTrey Whitty, Alex Kopicki, Doug Mueller Alex KopickiJoseph C. Wich, IIIWilliam W. Whitty, III
200014-4*Mitch Whiteley  Ethan M. Haire, Patrick M. ConnellyBenjamin P. CussonPaul T. Spellman, III
20010-0Mitch Whiteley     
20028-11Mitch Whiteley  Edward H. Boyd, IVJesse R. SwartzHayward R. Howard
20039-10Mitch Whiteley   R. Michael GillThomas W. Zimmerman
200417-3**Mitch Whiteley MIAA Conference ChampionsRichard J. DonatiNicholas F. Mueller, Jr., Pike HowardThomas W. Zimmerman
200515-4*Mitch Whiteley  C. Craig AndrzejewskiKyle L. LagrattaTyler J. Smith
200616-5*Rick BrocatoAustin Boykin, Nate Matthews, Curtis Lentz William A. Boykin, V.Derek S. LichtfussChristian G. Kunhardt
200716-4*Rick BrocatoChris Clements, Tyker Boykin, Cliff Larkin, John Windsor Christopher T. ClementsJustin M. DonatiStuart W. Wheeler
200810-10Rick BrocatoAdam Johnston, Cliff Larkin, Scott Matthews, Peter Smyth Peter T. SmythChristopher L. WilsonPeter A. Windsor
200915-7*Rick BrocatoHarry Krieger, Tim Gaines R. Gordon Long IIITimothy A. GainesHarry J. Kreiger
201017-4**Rick BrocatoAlex Chay, David Nitchell-McShane, Jeff Fountain, Gunnar Waldt, Gordy LongMIAA Conference ChampionsAndrew P. BartonJeffrey C. Fountain Jr.Andrew W. Mitchell, J.F. Draper Donley
201114-8*Rick BrocatoGunnar Waldt, Taylor Michel, Mac Hall Connor J. CurroTaylor R. MichelGunnar L. Waldt
2012 4-14Rick BrocatoGavin Llewellyn, Spencer Parks Spencer L. ParksSamuel G. SunderlandMichael J. Mayer
2013 17-5*Rick BrocatoMike D'Amelio, Andrew Nelson, Mike Mayer, Travis Wood Michael D.  D’Amelio   Raymond M. SchulmeyerMichael J. Mayer   
2014 14-7*Rick BrocatoBennett Moore, Mikey Wynne, Henry Riehl Henry L. Riehl, William C. SheehanMichael P. Wynne   David Bennett Moore   
2015 14-6*Rick BrocatoAJ Barretto, Carter Flaig, Alex McGovern Alexander M. McGovern     Carter P. Flaig     Alberto J. Barretto     
201614-7*Rick Brocato Joe Pollard, John Faus, Tyler Rockhill,  Patrick Karey, Conor Sorg, Mitch Gordon Joseph P. KareyTyler L. RockhillJohn M. Faus, Connor P. Sorg
201714-6*Rick Brocato Jennings Schweizer, Bobby Barroll, Alex Rode, Keegan Pearl Brendan M. TscherneJackson T. WoodwardJennings A. Schweizer
20188-9Trey Whitty Nick Hapney, Logan Zimnoch, Aidan Karey, Spencer Hall Logan B. ZimnochCole M. AmentNicholas Hapney
201910-6* Trey Whitty Andrew Milani, Mason Woodward  Seth P. Higgens Andrew C. Milani James T. Grant
* Playoffs** MIAA Champions


Championship Seasons (25 total - more than any other high school in Maryland)

194013-1Howdy Myers
194113-1Howdy Myers
194211-2Howdy Myers
194315-0Howdy Myers
194414-0Howdy Myers
194515-0Howdy Myers
194617-0Howdy Myers
195112-0Jim Adams
195211-1Jim Adams
195312-2Jim Adams
195512-2Gene Corrigan
195710-2George Mitchell
196013-1George Mitchell
196110-3George Mitchell
196712-2Mike Rentko
196913-0George Mitchell
197011-2George Mitchell
19719-4George Mitchell
197914-3George Mitchell
198111-3George Mitchell
198213-2George Mitchell
199114-4Mitch Whiteley
199217-0Mitch Whiteley
200417-3Mitch Whiteley
201017-4Rick Brocato

C. Markland Kelly Awards - Best high school lacrosse player in Maryland

1946Bill HooperAttackHowdy Myers
1952Dick BrittAttackJim Adams
1957Henry PetersonAttackGeorge Mitchell
1960Skip DarrellAttackGeorge Mitchell
1964Gerry BreseeAttackMike Rentko
1967Bart EllingerMidfieldMike Rentko
1969Les MatthewsGoalieGeorge Mitchell
1976Peter EisenbrandtMidfieldGeorge Mitchell
1982Larry LeDoyenMidfieldGeorge Mitchell
1992Tim WhiteleyAttackMitch Whiteley
1993Michael WatsonAttackMitch Whiteley
1998Conor GillAttackRick Brocato

U.S. Lacrosse Hall of Famers

Jim “Ace” Adams – player/coach
Scott Bacigalupo '90 – player
Ernest Betz – player
Ed Boyd
Jeff Cook – player
Gene Corrigan – coach
Ray Greene – player/coach
Bill Hooper '47 – player
Les Matthews '69 – player
Howdy Myers - coach
George Mitchell - player/coach
Steve Mitchell '83 - player
Mike Morrill - player
Willie Pugh - coach *(SP’s first lacrosse coach)
Bob Sandell – player
Jerry Schmidt –player
Steve Stenerson '78 – player/US Lacrosse Exec. Dir.
Mitch Tullai - official
Michael Watson '92
Don Zimmerman - player/coach

High School All-Americans - USCLA since 1971

1971Wayne EisenhutAttackGeorge Mitchell
1971Al SadtlerAttackGeorge Mitchell
1973Wick SollersAttackGeorge Mitchell
1975Bob TeasdallMidfieldGeorge Mitchell
1976Peter EisenbrandtsMidfieldGeorge Mitchell
1976Michael SchulerAttackGeorge Mitchell
1977Jeff CookAttackGeorge Mitchell
1979Bill NessMidfieldGeorge Mitchell
1980Larry LeDoyenMidfieldGeorge Mitchell
1981Larry LeDoyenMidfieldGeorge Mitchell
1982Larry LeDoyenMidfieldGeorge Mitchell
1982Peter SheehanGoalieGeorge Mitchell
1992Tim WhiteleyAttackMitch Whiteley
1992Michael WatsonAttackMitch Whiteley
1993Michael WatsonAttackMitch Whiteley
1995Tucker RadebaughAttack/MidfieldRick Brocato
1997Conor GillAttackRick Brocato
1998Conor GillAttackRick Brocato
2004Bart WagnerAttackMitch Whiteley
2005Gavin GillAttackMitch Whiteley
2007Chris ClementsAttackRick Brocato
2010Pat PowderlyAttackRick Brocato
2014Mikey Wynne
AttackRick Brocato
2017Alex RodeGoalieRick Brocato


USCLA Academic All-Americans - Since 1971

1990Scott BacigalupoGoalieMitch Whiteley
2007DJ HesslerAttackRick Brocato
2009Harry KriegerGoalieRick Brocato
2013AJ FradkinDefenseRick Brocato
2017Billy ChizmarGoalieRick Brocato


All-Tewaaraton Team - Since 2000

2004 Bart WagnerAttackMitch Whiteley
2004 Thomas ZimmermanDefenseMitch Whiteley
2007 Chris ClementsMidfieldRick Brocato
2010 Andrew BartonMidfieldRick Brocato
2010 Pat PowderlyAttackRick Brocato


Under Armour All-Americans - Since 2006

2006Austin BoykinMidfieldRick Brocato
2007Chris ClementsMidfieldRick Brocato
2010Pat PowderlyAttackRick Brocato
2011Jay CarlsonAttackRick Brocato
2011Taylor MichelAttackRick Brocato
2012Spencer ParksMidfieldRick Brocato
2014Mikey WynneAttackRick Brocato
2015AJ BarrettoGoalieRick Brocato
2015Alex McGovernMidfieldRick Brocato
2017Alex RodeGoalie Rick Brocato

All-Time Individual Records

Career Total Points

287 - Carter Flaig
245 – Conor Gill
244 – Tim Whiteley
233 – Gavin Gill
227 – Conor Ford
224 – Larry LeDoyen, Mike Watson
223 – Bill Morrill
222 – Bart Wagner

Career Goals

158 - Carter Flaig
155 – Conor Ford
154 – Bart Wagner
151 – Mike Watson
144 – Bill Morrill
141 – Mikey Wynne

Career Assists

157 – Tim Whiteley
155 – Conor Gill
144 – Gavin Gill

Career Saves (Goalie)

569- AJ Barretto
474 – Peter Sheehan
444- Alex Rode
441 – Scott Bacigalupo
435 – Gunnar Waldt
377 – Les Matthews
369 – Tom Keratzes

Career Face-Offs

617 – Larry LeDoyen
557 – Steve Stenerson
554 – Mike Faby
501 – Joe Gelbard
474 - Brendan Tscherne

Single Season Points

102 - C. Gill ('97)
93 - M. Wynne ('13)
91 - C. Flaig ('15)
91 - M. Wynne ('14)
90 - T. Whiteley ('92)
88 - M. Watson ('93), G. Gill ('04), C. Flaig ('13)
85 - P. Powderly ('09)*
85 - M. Gordon ('16)
84 - G. Gill ('05), C. Gill ('98 , T. Whiteley ('91)
82 - L. LeDoyen ('81)

Single Season Goals
72 – M. Wynne ('14)
69 - M. Wynne ('13)
60 -C. Ford ('99), L. Posner ('17) 
55 - P. Tracy ('98)
53 - C. Flaig ('13), B. Wagner ('05), P. Powderly ('09)*
52 - B. Combs ('96), B. Wagner ('04)
52 - M. Gordon ('16)
51 - D. Dempsey ('69), B. Morrill ('81)

Single Season Assists
71 - C. Gill ('97)
59 - T. Whiteley ('92)
56 - G. Gill ('05)
55-  K. Pearl ('17)
52 – G. Gill ('04)
50 - T. Whiteley ('91)

Single Season Saves

258 - A. Rode ('16)
225 - S. Bacigalupo ('89)
223 - T. Keratzes ('92)
219 - G. Waldt ('10)
217 - S. Wheeler ('07)
216 - G. Waldt ('11)
211 - AJ Barretto ('15)
204 - H. Krieger ('09)
201 - P. Sheehan ('82), P. Spellman ('99)

Single Game Goals
9 – D. Dempsey ('69) v. Boys Latin
9 – M. Watson ('92) v. Gilman
8 – A. Sadtler ('69) v. City
8 – C. Kakel ('95) v. Australia U-19
8 – P. Tracy ('98) v. St. Mary's

Single Game Assists

10– C. Gill ('97) v. Calvert Hall
8 – C. Gill ('98) v St. Mary's
8 – T. Whiteley ('92) v Norfolk Academy
8 – W. Sollers ('73) v Curley

Single Game Points

12 – C. Gill ('97) v. Calvert Hall (2 goals, 10 assists);
12– M. Watson ('92) v. Gilman (9 goals, 3 assists);
12– T. Whiteley ('92) v. Norfolk Academy (4 goals, 8 assists)
11 – D. Dempsey ('69) v. Boys Latin (9 goals, 2 assists);
11 – T. Whiteley ('92) v. Gilman (5 goals, 6 assists);
11 – C. Gill ('98) v. St. Mary's (3 goals, 8 assists)
10 – W. Sollers ('73) v. John Carroll (5 goals, 5 assists)

Single Game Saves

26 – P. Sheehan ('82) v. Calvert Hall
25 – S. Bacigalupo ('90) v. Severn
21 – C. Kuhnhardt ('06) v. Haverford
21 – G. Waldt ('10) v. Georgetown Prep

Coaching records @ St. Paul’s

R. Brocato – 237-109 (17 seasons) 
G. Mitchell – 232-94-4 (25 seasons)
M. Whiteley – 146-55 (12 seasons)
H. Myers – 136-17-2 (11 seasons)
J. Adams – 35-3 (3 seasons)
M. Rentko – 31-17 (4 seasons)
P. Fuller – 23-4 (2 seasons)
G. Corrigan – 21-6 (2 seasons)
R. Greene – 19-3 (2 seasons)
J. Andrew – 21-26 (3 seasons)
W. Pugh – 16-14-2 (3 seasons)
T. Tongue –9-3 overall (1 season)

NCAA Championship MVP's

Scott Bacigalupo ('90), Princeton '92 & '94
Michael Watson ('93), University of Virginia '96
Conor Gill ('98), University of Virginia '99
Alex Rode ('17), University of Virginia '19 


19611-2-1Carel BeernickJohn Kommalan  
19623-1-1Carel BeernickRonald Voss, Alfred Marston  
19635-2Carel BeernickRonald Voss, Edwin Adams  
19642-6Carel BeernickRobert McDorman  
19655-3Carel BeernickJay Pritchard, Jim Peace  
19668-1Carel BeernickJim Peace, John Rossell  
19674-4-1John HenschenBryant Gould, T.J. Low  
19684-10John HenschenWeb Shipley, Craig Unruh  
19695-1-8John Henschen   
197012-2-1**John HenschenThomas Hayes, Don ZimmermanMSA C Confernence Champions 
19716-5-2John Henschen   
197212-2-1John Henschen   
197310-2-2Howard EmsleyBob Teasdall, Brackie Mitchell, Chris Pistell  
197411-3-1Howard EmsleyWalter Mitchell, Robert Teasdall  
19752-9-1Tony Tyler  Geoffrey A. Peters
19765-6-2Tony TylerThomas Mitchell Dennis L. Childs
19777-7-1Tony Tyler  George L. Mitchell, Jr, Jason C. Seal
197811-3Tony TylerBill Ness, Chris McShane Christopher P. McShane
19799-5-1Tony TylerHugh Collie, Josh Hall, Bill Morrill  
198012-2-1**Tony TylerBill Morrill, Larry LeDoyen, Bob DownesMSA  A Conference Champions 
198111-4-1Tony TylerLarry LeDoyen, Robert Irving, Earl Matthews  
198210-5-1Rick CanfieldJoe Huesman, Mike Morrill  
198311-2**Rick CanfieldMichael Morrill, Tim DownesMSA  B Conference Champions 
198410-2-2Rick Canfield   
198513-1-2Rick CanfieldCarlos Millan, Jack Linsenmeyer, David Gildea  
19869-4-1Howard SchindlerKevin Knox Juan A. Millan
19877-4-4Howard SchindlerBrandt Rider, Colburn Shindell  
198810-2-4*Howard SchindlerBryce Smith, Jason RoseMSA  B Conference Runner-Up 
19897-4-2Howard SchindlerBryce Smith, Chip Emmons, Zeke Marshall, Scott Reid  
19905-9-2Howard SchindlerCharkatzMSA  A Conference   
19913-9Howard SchindlerJoe Gelbard, Tim WhiteleyMSA  A ConferenceJoey Gelbard
19920-13Howard SchindlerBill RuhlMSA  A ConferenceBilly Ruhl
19934-12-1Howard SchindlerRyan WoodsMSA  A ConferenceBilly Ruhl, Ryan Woods
199410-9Howard SchindlerStebs Garcia, Jason Turner, Matt EmmonsMIAA B ConferenceStebs Garcia
199512-6-2**Howard SchindlerChris Horich, Brian Pierson, Brendon SmithMIAA B Conference Co-ChampionsBrendon Smith
199610-7-1Howard SchindlerAdair Newhall, Alex Poole, Scott Marimow Tom Trela
199717-8**Howard SchindlerAlex Poole,  Tom Trela, Scott MarrimowMIAA B Conference ChampionsAlex Poole
199816-6-1*Howard SchindlerAlec Kopicki, Connor Ford, Michael CiatteiMIAA B Conference Runner-UpIan D. Thomas
199917-4-2*Howard SchindlerReed Bouchelle, Conor Ford, Michael CiatteiMIAA B Conference Runner-UpMichael A. Ciattei
200016-2-3**Howard SchindlerReed Bouchelle, Jack de Villers          MIAA B Conference ChampionsReed S. Bouchelle
20019-9-2*Steve BoardmanD.J. Andrzjewski,  P.K. FisherMIAA "A" ConferencePaul K. Fisher, David J. Andrzejewski, II
20022-14Steve BoardmanTommy Herrmann, John LeonardMIAA "A" ConferenceThomas A. Herrmann, Jr
20035-10-2Steve BoardmanAndrew Pierson, Matt QuinnMIAA "A" ConferenceJames H. Eichhorn
20042-15-1Steve BoardmanCraig Andrzjewski, Bart WagnerMIAA "A" ConferenceGareth T. D. Colglazier
20052-14-2Greg SchreinerNick Shano, Phil AdamsMIAA "A" ConferenceGeorge E. Banks, V
20065-14-1Greg SchreinerD.J. Hessler,  George Banks, James SchwartzMIAA "A" ConferenceGeorge E. Banks, V
20071-14-2Greg SchreinerPeter Windsor,  Adam JohnstonMIAA "A" ConferencePeter A. Windsor
20083-14-2Greg SchreinerMike Faby,  Anders HiltonMIAA "A" ConferenceAnders A. Hilton
200913-4-2*Greg SchreinerMike Faby, Jeff Fountain, Gordy LongMIAA B Conference Runner-UpAndrew P. Barton
201012-5-1**Greg SchreinerSam Tana, Conor Curro, Daniel GutberletMIAA B Conference ChampionsSamual A. Tana, R. Daniel Gutberlet
201119-4-1**Dan SkeltonSam Tana, James MugeleMIAA B Conference ChampionsSamual A. Tana, Reo Hara
201216-7Dan SkeltonGavin Norris, Iliyes Mirza Iliyas M. Mirza   
201312-5-2*Majid Mirza MIAA A Conference Runner-UpIliyas Mirza, Morgan Lussi
201412-5-2*Majid Mirza  Morgan M. Lussi, Joseph Nathaniel M. Hall,  Juwan C. Kearson   
20159-11-1Majid MirzaQuinn Ritchie, Kent Darrell, Conor Brown Conor P. Brown,  Feliz K. Laniyan, Jr.
20161-15-1Majid MirzaJared Burns, Will Flannery, Spencer Hall, Jared Thomas William J. Flannery
20172-12-3Majid MirzaWill Flannery, David Kelly, Spencer Hall William J. Flannery, David S. Kelly II
20185-13-2Eric WashingtonTim Loeffler, Joseph Hudak, Mason Woodward Mason J. Woodward
* Playoffs** MIAA Champions


2006-20078-8Read KnoxChris Clements   
2007-200813-4*Read KnoxJock Tracy John C. Tracey
2008-20096-7Lanny SpringsSlater Ottenritter Austin M. Brown
2009-20106-7*Lanny SpringsIan Read John M. Pellington
2010-20118-10Lanny SpringsMax Hagan, Russell Sparrow Hugo J. Warns IV
2011-20127-7Lanny SpringsJack Pellinton, Nat Shade Nathan A. Vestrich-Shade
2012-20136-7Lanny SpringsMcKay Sutley George T. Hauver  
2013-20149-6*Lanny SpringsRussell GreenMIAA Team SemifinalsHenry L. Riehl    
2014-201511-12Lanny SpringsChris Chasney, Austin Burt William C. Shelhoss
2015-201613-6*Lanny SpringsCampbell Shellhoss Ryan D. York
2016-201712-5*Lanny SpringsRyan York Nicholas E. Del Hierro
2017-201815-6*Lanny SpringsBen Angotti, George Reith Jacob D. Trone
2018-2019 14-6*Caswell NielsenForbes Arbaugh, Jake Trone Aidan P. Ray
* Playoffs** MIAA Champions


1997-1998    Ian Stucky MIAA Diving Champion 
1998-1999    Ian Stucky MIAA Diving Champion 
1999-2000    Ian Stucky MIAA Diving Champion 
2000-2001    Adam Kerpelman MIAA 50 & 100 M Freestyle Champion 
2007-20081-4Polly SurhoffKevin Scarlett5th Place @ MIAA'SAustin Surhoff MIAA 200 IM Champion 
2008-20096-0**Polly SurhoffAustin SurhoffMIAA B Conference Champions, 2nd Place @ MIAA'SAustin Surhoff MIAA 200 IM & 100 M Backstroke Champion 
2009-20103-1Polly SurhoffAustin Surhoff3rd Place @ MIAA'SAustin Surhoff MIAA 200 IM Champion 
2010-20113-1Polly SurhoffChris Meyer, Cedrick Glasgow4th Place @ MIAA'SHunter Lussi MIAA 500 M Freestyle ChampionOluwarotimit K. Lademo, Aaron A. Tadyon 
2011-20122-3Polly SurhoffHunter Lussi3rd Place @ MIAA'SHunter Lussi MIAA 200 M & 500 M Freestyle Champion; Timon Fleiter, Teddy VanBeek, Reo Hara, Hunter Lussi MIAA Free Relay ChampionsWhitney C Schweizer   
2012-20134-5Polly Surhoff 4th Place @ MIAA'S Theodore A. Van Beek  
2013-20142-3Matt Kasper   Theodore A. Van Beek     
2014-20154-3Bridger Bell   Kevin A. Warshaw   
2015-20165-3Sean TuckerThomas Kearney, Dylan Clayton4th Place @ MIAA'S Benjamin W. Cabral
2016-2017No Team
2017-2018No Team
2018-2019 No Team
* Playoffs** MIAA Champions


1957 Farnham WarrinerReginald Smith   
1959 Farnham WarrinerThomas Johnson  
1960  Stephen Barney  
1962 Lewis Drew   
1965 Walter FreyAlec McCosh  
1967 Louis D. ClarkFrank Harrison  
1968 Louis D. ClarkFrank Harrison  
19691-4Louis D. ClarkCharlie Williams, Michael Bershad  
19703-1Louis D. Clark   
1971 Louis D. Clark   
1972 Louis D. Clark   
19737-4Louis D. ClarkRandolph KohlerBrackie Mitchell MSA Singles Champion 
1974 Louis D. Clark   
1975 Louis D. Clark   
1976 Louis D. Clark   
1977 Louis D. Clark   
1978 Louis D. Clark   
19791-8Louis D. ClarkDennis Troy  
19803-8Louis D. ClarkRobert Gaines  
19812-8Louis D. ClarkBill Brewster  
19823-9Louis D. Clark   
1983 Louis D. ClarkJohn Baker  
1984 Leon Holley   
1986**George MitchellSteve Truitt  
1987 George MitchellSteve Truitt Jame E. Samuel, Jr.
1988 George MitchellJamie Samuel  
1989 Judd AndersonJamie Samuel  
19906-6Judd AndersonMike Feinglass  
19914-6Judd AndersonBrandon Levine  
1992 Judd Anderson  Olig Tartokosky
1993 Judd Anderson  Chip Merrick
19942-8Judd Anderson  Dan Hadley
19954-5Judd AndersonRyan Shafik Robbie Paymer
19964-5Judd AndersonRyan Shafik Peter Steenland
1997 Judd AndersonRyan Shafik Jeff Kaplan
19986-3*Judd AndersonRob Paymer Joshua M. Cohn
19997-3*Judd AndersonJosh Cohn Joshua M. Cohn
20004-4*Judd AndersonBrian Windsor John B. Wogan
20014-4Ed BrownAvi Tasher Anthony H. Hamod
20028-8*Ed BrownAnthony Hamod, JB Wogan John B. Wogan
20032-9Ed BrownAdam Ring Adam J. Ring
200411-7*Ed BrownAdam Ring Adam J. Ring
20058-9*Ed BrownMatt Hart Blake H. L. West
200612-6*Ed BrownJesse Wright, Zach Ruddick Jesse W. Wright
20079-8*Ed BrownBrayden Cleary, Michael Verdi Brayden L. Cleary, Michael V. Verdi
20089-14*Ed BrownEric Ring,  Zach Wright Zachary A. Wright
20098-8*Ed BrownKevin Gildea Anand A. Parikh
20106-8-3*Ed BrownAustin Brown, Michael Hamod Michael A. Hamod
20115-7Ed BrownT.J. Root, Tyler Sparks Nathan A. Vestrich-Shade
20126-7Ed BrownNate Shade Nathan A. Vestrich-Shade
20136-7Auri MoavenTommy Hauver Walker L. Halstad  
20146-6Auri Moaven  Jonathan S.  Hamed    
20155-9P.K. FisherJack Hamed, Cole Lacovara John R Hooper, Andrew N Locovara    
20162-6P.K. FisherBobby Croxson Robert B. Croxson
20173-7P.K. FisherWill Hurlbrink Desai M. Oula
20186-5*P.K. Fisher Desai Oula, Jeremiah Williams Desai M. Oula
20191-8 P.K. Fisher Jake Trone  Jacob D. Trone
* Playoffs** MIAA Champions

Track & Field

2016 Keith Culbertson Club Team  
2017 Keith CulbertsonPhilip Heflin, Colby Nelson Club Team Phillip M. Heflin III
2018**Keith CulbertsonPhilip Heflin, Everett McDuffieMIAA B ChampionsDominic J. Piazza
2019 **Keith CulbertsonMarco Grados, Thomas Linz, Everette McDuffie MIAA B ChampionsEverette M. McDuffie 
* Playoffs** MIAA Champions








20056-11Pat Marsh   Joseph D. B. Petty
20067-10*Pat Marsh   Denmore M. McDermott
200714-6*Pat MarshTeddy Hannah, Matt Lunnen  Sidney J. D. McCray
200811-8*Pat MarshSidney McCray, Brett Donahoo  Sidney J. D. McCray, Ryan M. Scott
200914-5**Jim JungLewis Foxwell, Robby MadduxMIAA B Confernce ChampionsLouis S. Foxwell 
201014-3*Jim JungAustin Sauter, Lewis FoxwellMIAA B Confernce Runner UpTanner A. Brooks 
201113-6**Jim JungTanner Brooks, Connor NorrisMIAA B Confernce Champions Connor J. Norris
201210-6**Jim JungBen Garenthur, Jason TuckerMIAA B Confernce ChampionsPatrick J. Hefner    
201311-6*Jim JungJack Hearns,  Bennett Morre, Randy Stoehr Christos E. Koulatsos  
20148-9*Jim JungBrendon Connolly, Alexander Matsinye Brendon R. Connolly
20155-12*Jim JungSean Keenan, Connor Sorg Connor P. Sorg
20166-12*SJ GreenwayBobby Barroll, Alex Beese, Brian Connolly Aidan A. Karey
20179-7*SJ GreenwayBrian Connolly, Aidan Karey Aidan A. Karey
2018 1-15SJ GreenwayGabe Lichtenstein, Phillipe Soundry, Ryan Molinar Philippe N. Soudry 
* Playoffs** MIAA Champions


1954-19552-1-1Doug Lee Club Team  
1955-19561-3John Totson Club Team  
1956-19573-0*Don HughesSteve Whiteford, Club Team  
1957-1958 Don HughesEd Freeman, Will Vercoe Will Verco MSA Champion (175 lbs) undefeated 
1958-19591-5Don HughesPeter Keeler Pete Keeler MSA Champion (120 lbs) 
1959-19604-3Don HughesRidge Britton, Peter Keeler Peter Keeler MSA Champion (120 lbs) 
1960-19613-3Don HughesRobert Ruth   
1961-19622-5Don HughesMurrell Smith, David Patterson   
1962-1963 Don HughesRan Coleman, Mike Passano   
1963-19644-3Don HughesDavid Bramble,  Mike Passano Mike Passano (127 lbs) MSA Champion, David Bramble (145lbs) MSA Champion, Mark Horner National Prep Champion 
1964-19653-4Don HughesJon deRussy, Mike Horner Mike Horner MSA Champion (HWT) HS All-American 
1965-19663-4Don HughesJim Roeder, Jim Cooper   
1966-19675-2Don HughesDick Caples   
1967-19686-4Don HughesRoger Stenerson, Rocky Stump   
1968-196911-1Don HughesRobert Douglas, Thomas Kemp   
1969-1970 Jamie AndrewGordon Long   
1970-19718-4Jamie AndrewLarry Bennett   
1971-19724-8Jamie AndrewJoel Sewell   
1972-19739-3*Jamie Andrew MSA  B Conference Divison II  Champions  
1973-197411-1Jamie Andrew  Mike Schuler (98 lbs) MSA Champion 
1974-1975 Jamie Andrew  Bob Clements MSA Champion, John Kohler MSA Champion, John Black MSA Champion 
1975-19767-4Jamie Andrew    
1976-1977 Jamie AndrewObrecht Denny Childs MSA Champion 
1977-19789-1Jamie AndrewMarcus Partlow   
1978-197910-1Jamie AndrewTrevor Bond Tony Lotman MSA Champion, Davey Patterson MSA Champion 
1979-198012-0**Jamie Andrew MSA A Conference ChampionsDavey Patterson - MSA Champion,  National Prep Champion, Jeff Knight - MSA ChampionJohn D. Patterson
1980-198110-2Jamie AndrewTony Lotman Dean Catanzaro MSA Champion, Jeff Knight MSA ChampionDean J. Catanzaro, Jeffrey S. Knight
1981-19825-9Desi McNelisJoe Morrison   
1982-19839-5Desi McNelisDavey Patterson, Mike Watriss   
1983-1984 Desi McNelisAustin Childs, Steven Silverman, Carl Smith   
1984-1985 Desi McNelisSammy Brahim, Steve Mason, Kent Holden   
1985-1986 Desi McNelis    
1986-19877-7-1Desi McNelisSteve Mason, Kent Holden  Steven W. Mason
1987-1988 Desi McNelisChip Lonsdale    
1988-198910-4Desi McNelisChip Lonsdale, Evan Deane, Eric Smith   
1989-19909-9Desi McNelisGeoff Leech   
1990-19919-4Desi McNelisAndy Sehnyoman   
1991-199210-3Desi McNelisTroy Thingelstad, Travis Trader, Chris Wimer Troy Thinglestad MSA Champion 
1992-19936-6-1Desi McNelisMatt Gilner, Steve Truitt Steve Truitt MSA ChampionMatthew C. Gilner
1993-19946-5Desi McNelisSteve Truitt Steve Truitt MSA Champion, Pete Karvounis MSA ChampionSteven Truitt
1994-19951-11Desi McNelis   G. William McCulloch
1995-19963-8Desi McNelis   William C. Bond
1996-199711-8*Desi McNelisKeith Helman, Mike KernanMIAA B Confernce Runner up Michael C. Kernan
1997-199813-9Desi McNelisKeith Helman   Keith R. Helman
1998-19998-18Rex SnyderNick Alevrogiannis  Joshua D. Henderson, Nick Alevrogiannis
1999-20006-18Rex SnyderRobbie Roose  Robert F. Roose III
2000-20017-10-1Donnie ReyesMike Mitchell, Rich Clarke  Michael C. Mitchell
2001-20026-10Mark HarboldJames Kelso  Michael J. D. Lima
2002-20036-11Mark HarboldMike Lima  Michael J. D. Lima, Benjamin F. Griswold 
2003-20046-2**Mark HarboldJohn Black,  Tom ZimmermanMIAA B Conference Champions Matthew J. Pierorazio
2004-20054-7Mark Harbold   Ricardo L. Rodriquez, Matthew J. Pierorazio
2005-20063-7David MetcalfRicardo Rodriguez,  Robi DeBell, Matt Pierorazio  Matthew J. Pierorazio
2006-20072-8Cary KolatCody Wilt, Rich Clough  Cody R. Wilt
2007-20089-8*Jay BraunsteinPeter Windsor, Cody Wilt, Mike PierorazioMIAA B Conference Runner-Up Peter A. Windsor
2008-200913-10Jay BraunsteinNick Skuderna Eric Friedman MIAA ChampionEric M. Friedman
2009-2010 Jay BraunsteinAustin Sauter, Nick Skuderna, Connor Clayton Eric Friedman MIAA Champion, Peter Galli - MIAA ChampionEric M. Friedman
2010-201119-4**Jay BraunsteinPeter Galli, Nick Skuderna, Mike GreenMIAA B Conference ChampionsPeter Galli - MIAA Champion, 2nd at National Preps, Eric Friedman - MIAA Champion, 3rd at National Preps, Jack Mutchnik - MIAA Champion, 4th at National Preps, Brad Mutchnik - MIAA ChampionJ. Peter Galli
2011-2012 Jay Braunstein   Eric Friedman - MIAA Champion, MD State Champion, 4th at National Preps, Peter Galli - MIAA Champion, MD State Champion, 3rd at National Preps, Ryan Friedman - MIAA Champion, MD State Champion, 3rd at National Preps, Brad Mutchnik - MIAA Champion, MD State Champion, 6th at National Preps, Jack Mutchnik - MIAA Champion, MD State Champion, 5th at National Preps, Team finished 6th at National Preps Wrestling ChampionshipsJ. Peter Galli
2012-20132-6Pete Shaifer  Jack Mutchnik - MIAA, MD State Champion, Ryan Friedman - MIAA, MD State Champion, National Prep Runner UpJack S. Mutchnik    
2013-20143-4Pete Shaifer  Jack Mutchnik - MIAA Champion, National Prep Champion; Daniel Planta - MIAA Champion, MD State Champion, 3rd at National Preps; Ryan Friedman - MIAA Champion, 7th at National PrepsRyan L. Friedman, Jack S. Mutchnik   
2014-20152-6Greg Hagel  Daniel Planta- MIAA Conference Champion, MD State Champion, 3rd at National Preps, National Prep All-American   Ryan Friedman - MIAA Conference Champion, MD State Champion, 3rd at National Preps, National Prep All- American John Urban8th in National Preps, National Prep All-American   Ryan L. Friedman       
2015-20163-3Greg Hagel   Daniel PlantaMIAA Conference Champion, MIAA Edward T. Russel Cup Winner, MD State Champion, 3rd in National Preps Kurt McHenryMIAA Conference Champion, MD State Champion Dale TiongsonMIAA Conference Champion, MD State Champion, National Prep Runner-Up John UrbanMIAA Conference ChampionDale R. Tiongson
2016-20177-1Rob EiterDale Tiongson, Noah Kalishman, Daniel Planta Kurt Mchenry -MIAA Conference Champion, MD State Champion, Imran Heard - MIAA Conference Champion, MD State Champion, 3rd at National Preps, Dale Tiongson - MIAA Conference Champion, MD State Champion, 2nd at National Preps, Jack Parr - MIAA Conference Champion, MD State Champion, 4th at National Preps, Noah Kalishman - MIAA Conference Champion, MD State Champion, 5th at National Preps, John Urban - MIAA Conference Champion, Team ranked amoung top 50 High School's in US for first time in program historyDale R. Tiongson
2017-20189-2-1Rob EiterJohn Urban, Jack Parr, Imran Heard Will Guida - MIAA Conference Champion, 3rd at National Preps, Kurt McHenry -MIAA Conference Champion, MD State Champion, 2nd at National Preps, Imran Heard - MIAA Conference Champion, MD State Champion, 4th at National Preps, Jack Parr- MIAA Conference Champion, MD State Champion, 3rd at National PrepsMuhammad I. Heard
2018-20195-3Rob EiterMaxwell Hammond, Kurt McHenry, Jack Parr Jack ParrMIAA Conference Champion, MD State Champion, 2nd at National Preps, Nasir Wilkinson - MIAA Conference Champion, MD State Champion, 4th at National Preps, Will Guida2nd at MIAA's, MD State Champion, 7th at National Preps, Dylan Blau2nd at MIAA's, 2nd at MD State Championship, 7th at National Preps Maxwell Hammond2nd at MIAA's, MD State ChampionWilliam M. Guida, Hunter J. Parr
* Playoffs** MIAA Champions
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