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St. Paul's Plus

Six weeks to Pre-K (Age 5). Full and Part-Time Early Childhood Educational Programs for Children.

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St. Paul's School for Girls

 Grades K - 12. Coeducational Lower School, Grades K - 4 and All-Boys Middle and Upper Schools, Grades 5 - 12. Want more information?

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St. Paul's

Grades 5-12. All-Girls Middle and Upper School.

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College Counseling

College Counseling at St. Paul's supports students and families throughout the college search and selection process. Through individual advising, group meetings, and programmatic events, our college counselors work hard to match each student's abilities, strengths, personal preferences, and career aspirations to the best possible college or university. St. Paul's college counselors continue to develop their knowledge about individual colleges and issues affecting college admission through college visits, membership in professional associations, and participation at regional and national conferences.

In January of their junior year, students are assigned an individual college counselor. Soon after, students meet individually with their college counselor. Our counselors strive to help each student and family make informed decisions concerning the college search and application process. Technology has proven to be a great tool in this effort to support students. For example, the College Counseling Office prepares statistical application histories through TCCi by Naviance, manages e-mail lists that include students and parents, and provides students with password protected access to a Family Connection account through which they may manage their college search.

At St. Paul’s, the college selection process is not a 'trophy hunt.' It's an exciting, fun, character-building experience. We help our students make creative, honorable choices--the choices that are best for them.

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College List

Typically, 100 percent of St. Paul's graduating seniors attend college 

Class of 2019: 73 students attending 48 different institutions
Class of 2018: 84 students attending 51 different institutions
Class of 2017: 91 students attending 59 different institutions
Class of 2016: 80 students attending 63 different institutions
Class of 2015: 88 students attending 69 different institutions
Class of 2014: 74 students attending 51 different institutions
Class of 2013: 89 students attending 59 different institutions
 Class of 2012: 85 students attending 58 different institutions
Class of 2011: 77 students attending 56 different institutions 
Class of 2010: 82 students attending 61 different institutions­

The classes of 2014-2018 matriculated to the following colleges and universities (bold indicates three or more students), click here.

St. Paul’s School
11152 Falls Road 
P.O. Box 8100 
Brooklandville, Maryland 21022
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