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St. Paul's Parents' Association 

St. Paul's School Parents’ Association supports the administration and the faculty through various activities for the mutual benefit of all in order to enhance and maximize the campus and community life of every student. Activities such as: parents’ nights, grade gatherings, parent receptions, Field Day, the Faculty/Staff Appreciation Luncheon, Upper School coffee houses, Middle School social events, various art program receptions, the Fun Run, holiday decorations around campus, Grandparents Day, Holiday Cheer, International Block Party, and others are supported by the PA. The success of these well-liked events depends heavily on parent volunteers.

The Parents’ Association meets several times each year in Fisher Hall and all are welcome. Please know there are always volunteer opportunities in all divisions of the school and it is never too late to sign up!

Parents' Association Leadership

Teri Bickford, President 

Julie Linz, Vice President

Jennie Ray, Past President 

Jen Trone, Treasurer 

Rhonda Greene-Bruce, International Block Party Co-Chair

Heidi Nanavati, Lower School Chair 

Eileen Thompson and Kelly Karpovich, Middle School Chair

Staci Shelley, Upper School Chair 

Check back for a complete 2019-2020 PA roster. 

Parents' Association Events

PA Volunteer Breakfast
Date: September 20, 8 a.m.
Location: Brooklandwood

Friday Night Lights
Date: October 18
Turf Field
Join family, friends, students, and alumni to cheer for our teams for our second annual Friday Night Lights! Food trucks available for guests to purchase dinner and dessert. Stay tuned for details.

Harvest Cheer
Date: November 22
Location: Brooklandwood

NYC Bus Trip
Date: December 9 UPDATED

International Block Party
Date: April 17

Time: 5:30 - 7:30
Location: The Ward Center for the Arts

Fun Run
Date: April 30 (rain date May 7) 

Faculty/Staff Lunch
Date: May 2020  



Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming Meetings

Parents' Association meetings are held every other month and are scheduled for the following dates at 7:00 in Fisher Hall, Upper School.

Monday, 9/16

Monday, 11/11

Monday, 1/13

Monday, 3/9

Monday, 5/11

PA Executive Board Meetings 12:00 p.m. Location TBD

Monday, 10/7

Monday, 12/2

Monday, 2/3

Monday, 4/6

Monday, 6/1

St. Paul's Committees


The Hospitality Committee helps to plan and execute the Holiday Cheer Party, traditionally help within the second month of the start of school and the Faculty and Staff Appreciation Luncheon, held in the Spring. In addition, the committee decorates the campus post-Thanksgiving for the Christmas holiday. The committee must work within the monetary budget allocated by the Parents’ Association, coordinate with the St. Paul’s School maintenance department and administrative staff, as well as coordinate with parent volunteers as needed per event.

Second Crusade

Second Crusade is a self service shop for gently used St. Paul’s uniforms and appropriate school clothing. Volunteers are needed to help sort, fold, and place goods in their proper location. A general sweep of inventory and cleaning is done at least two times during the school year. Volunteers are needed to frequently check on incoming clothing to keep the shop in order. In addition, volunteers are needed in August to help get the shop in order before the start of the new school year.

St. Paul’s School for Girls (SPSG) Liaison

The SPSG liaison attends both the St.Paul’s School and the St. Paul’s School for Girls Parent Association meetings. In these meetings, the liaison reports on the news from each school, sharing important details that are covered in each meeting.

Chapel Liaison

The Chapel liaison is responsible for the communication of all pertain information between the chapel and the Parents’ Association board on upcoming events. The Chapel liaison communicates on regular basis with the Chapel and then reports at the Parents’ Association monthly board meetings.


The Fundraising co-chairs oversee the overall fundraising goals of the Parent’s Association. 

Diversity Committee Liaison

The Diversity Parent Liaisons provide communication with the larger community on diversity related meetings, events and discussions. The Liaisons serve as a presence and voice at the Parents’ Association meetings to report verbally and in writing, on diversity events and discussions throughout the SP community.

Volunteer Liaison (formerly Historian)

During the month of August, the Volunteer Liaison receives all volunteer forms sent out by the Upper, Middle and Lower schools. The Liaison will then correlate these forms into a spreadsheet with all the information pertaining to parent’s volunteer requests. This information will then be given to the form parents and committee chairs to aid them in filling their volunteer needs for the school year.

Angel Committee

The Angel Committee’s purpose is to offer assistance to members of the St. Paul’s community (students, families, alumni, staff) in times of personal need, tragedy, loss or other life-changing events. The existence of the committee will provide a structure and network of individuals to provide counseling, support, transportation, meal assistance, play dates, sports logistics and other resources that can be mobilized immediately for the individual or family upon request. The committee will also serve as a liaison between the Saint Paul’s School Divisions and their respective Parents’ Association when an issue may involve a family with a child in more than one of the schools.


The member-at-large is a board position allowing an insight to the working of the Parents’ Association and allowing a member to experience various volunteer opportunities. A member-at-large is expected to assist one or more of the various committees throughout the school year, as well as provide input at meetings and support the PA in and out of school. The term is for 2 years and it is hoped that a member-at-large will fill a committee chair role in subsequent years.

Community Development

The Community Development Committee provides communication with the larger community on parent education events and discussions. The committee serves as a presence and voice at the Parents’ Association meetings to report and make suggestions for events and discussions throughout the SP community.


The success of the Parents' Association is due to our tremendous volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering for the Parents' Association, please fill out the appropriate form below.

Middle School Volunteer Opportunities 
Upper School Volunteer Opportunities

St. Paul's Second Crusade Shop

The St. Paul’s Second Crusade Shop has a large selection of blue/white polos, oxford shirts, khakis, and gym class reversibles.
We accept donations of all school clothes, SP sweats/fleeces and blue blazers. NOTE: Second Crusade no longer accepts shoes or athletic footwear of any kind.
Recycle your child’s outgrown items. 
Help out a fellow Parent. 
Save by shopping at Second Crusade.
Second Crusade is located on the 3rd floor of Brooklandwood. Enter through the main lobby, turn right and take the side stairs. All items are $5.00. Honor Code allows the store to always be open.
St. Paul’s School
11152 Falls Road 
P.O. Box 8100 
Brooklandville, Maryland 21022
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