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Soccer - JV vs. John Carroll

Event Type: Regular

Date: September 27, 2019


Event Recap:

Oh, the outlook wasn’t brilliant

For the JV Boys that day

As their record stood 1-3-1

With just eight games to play


A win was surely needed

To get back in playoff form

But everybody knows “A Conference”

Easy Wins are not the norm


So up Route 95 in aged buses twain

They drove

And parked their tired vehicles

Beneath a shaded grove


And up the hill the boys did march

To face one Johnny C

A worth rival, yes indeed

Ready for Victory


So as the game got underway

T’was tension in the air

Despite the steady guiding hands

Of Fish and “Poppa Bair”


And early in the hard-fought match

One Bickford slammed it home

And when teammate Haven did the same

The home fans gave a Groan


But the gallant hosts came roaring back

And soon it was 2-1

And with just three minutes left to play

They scored another one


In overtime, the two sides clashed

With unrelenting pace

You could see that three points was the goal –

T’was etched on every face


And just when time was nearly gone

And a tie seemed likely fate

One new Crusader (Grayson Cook)

Decided to be Great


He sprinted down the field possessed

With fullback giving chase

And when the keeper ‘blew him up”

His life was near erased


But despite Grayson’s heroic run

And his body on the ground

The ball continued to roll and roll

As crowd made not a sound


And gently into waiting net

That lovely ball did glide

And Crusaders raced upon the field

With grins a mile wide


For just three seconds had remained

When ball did cross the line

And now the team is back with pride

2-3-1? Just fine…


- Mr. Baird 

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