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Soccer - MS Blue vs. Friends School

Event Type: Regular

Date: October 7, 2019


Event Recap:

Despite fighting like Lions defending their herd against wilder beasts, the Blue Soccer team fell to Friends school yesterday in a 1-2 defeat.  After a solid twenty minutes of competitive play and back and forth soccer, Nick Karpovich opened the scoring for St. Paul’s. After a pass from Ryan Nelson that thread the eye of the metaphorical needle, Nick found himself just eight yards out with the ball at his feet. The seventh-grader put his head down and hammered the ball, sending it directly into the keeper's chest. Fans and players alike were surprised that the ball didn’t pop, such was the ferocity of the blow. The keeper was knocked to the ground and the ball, still carrying the spin from the strike, rolled across the line. Luckily, their keeper was uninjured and returned to play. Friends school answered just three minutes later off of a good through ball. The half came to a close with the game tied 1-1. 

            After a second half full of chances for both sides, Friends had a stroke of luck. The decider came in the last two minutes of the game when Friends drew a penalty kick. A ref never decides the game one way or the other, but the dubious nature of the call just goes to show that sometimes they play a larger role than the players might like. Friends capitalized on the penalty kick and the clock ran out seconds later.

It is difficult to capture the competitive spirit that St. Paul’s showed in the second half, with mere words. One had to be there to witness it first-hand. Tyler Clary was unstoppable in the center of the field. He hurled himself into tackles with abandon, and soon the Friends players, despite their larger size, trembled at his approach. Matthew Sola followed suit and was the driving force behind many of the combination plays put together by Blue Soccer. Ned Doherty stalked the goal line with power and made several key saves late in the game. CJ Henry made his debut up top and showed a level of creativity rarely seen in the soccer world. Those that caught a glimpse of his brilliant play are better for it. Grady Carroll and Iain Kennedy together served as beastly, bullish, bulwarks of defense. Yet again, more players earned mention, but brevity demands their recognition remain on the field and out of the press.

            It was a tough loss for St. Paul’s but the members of the Blue soccer team held their heads high, knowing that they had given it their all. Well done boys.

            Be sure to come out this Thursday the 10th as St. Paul’s take on our rival Boys Latin. The match will take place on home turf with a 3:30 kickoff.

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