Students honored for excellence at Upper School Award ceremony
Posted 05/08/2013 11:15AM

St. Paul's School held its annual Upper School Award ceremony on May 8, 2013, recognizing the academic, artistic, athletic accomplishments of its students, as well as celebrating their contributions to the life of the School.

The following awards were presented:

The Visual Art Award
Walker Lee Halstad

The Charles E. Danner Prize

Henry Croswell Harrison
Jonathan Seth Hamed
Ryan Thomas Wilhelm

The Vyvyanna Hamilton Award (Performing Arts)
Michael Patrick Ireland

The Instrumental Music Award
Jackson Clay Doughty
Jameson Hooley Foster
Rhys Mitchell Welchman

The Vocal Music Award
Alexander Stephen Nickol

The Technical Theatre Award
Adam Joseph Glinowiecki

The Creative Writing Award
Evan Christopher Martinez

The George S. Hamilton English Prize
John Shepard Waterhouse

The Walt Whitman English Achievement Award
Gardner Mareen Duvall, Jr.

The Joel Andrew Gellar ’95 Writing Award
Alexander Keyser White

The John Robert French ’50 Prize for Excellence in Written Expression
Gardner Mareen Duvall, Jr

The Washington College History Award
Austin J. Burt

The Martin Tullai History Prize (Eleventh Grade history)
Kyle Richard Gonze

The Louis D. Clark History Award
Seth Jonathan Willis

The Chinese Prize
Garon James Lizana
Edward John Mitton

The German Prize
Theodore Andrew Van Beek

The Japanese Prize
Samuel Colter Blum

The Spanish Prize
Ryan Robert Heacox

The French Prize
Zachary Daniel Cooke Crosby

The Mathematics Prize
Yuta Baba
Ethan Miller Pronovost

The Mathematics Award for Achievement

Aaron Joshua Fradkin

The William A. Bassett Biology Prize (Ninth Grade)
Michael John Acker

The Bausch and Lomb Award  (Eleventh Grade science)
Karl Nicholas Nasrallah

The J. Ben Funk ’73 Major Science Prize
Timothy Jaffin Peters

The Exchange Students Certificates
Yuta Baba
Sota Fukushima

Junior Book Awards 
The Robert W. Hallett Award
Walker Lee Halstad

The Harvard University Award

Karl Nicholas Nasrallah

The Washington & Lee University Award

Bryce John Mattheiss

The Williams College Award

Christopher William Acker

The Dabney Cruikshank Spirit Award

Samuel McClenahen Brooks

The Athletic Excellence Award
Ryan Lee Friedman
Jack Steven Mutchnik
Michael P. Wynne

The 12 Season Athletic Award
John Jacob Carbone
Andrew Gordon Nelson
Mark Joseph Stansky

The Athletic Appreciation Award
Mr. Edward Brown

The C. Markland Kelly, Jr., Athletic Service Award
Benjamin Kahn Horwitz

The Charles Pforr ’51 Memorial Athletic Award
Gregory Michael Louzan

The Louis D. Clark Loyalty Cup
Andrew Gordon Nelson

The Martin D. Tullai Head Coaches Cup
Jason Edward Tucker

The George L. Mitchell ’44 Best Athlete Cup
Travis Colton Wood

The Thomas B. Scheffenacker Award
Carter Patrick Flaig

The Parents’ Association Award
Conor Carroll Wolford

The Sammy Hutton Memorial Scholarship
Seth Jonathan Willis

The Thomas N. Longstreth Citizenship Award
Andrew Gordon Nelson

The Class of 1958 Scholarship Award
Gregory Michael Louzan