Dear St. Paul’s School for Girls and St. Paul’s School Parents,

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the most significant shared enterprise our Schools have undertaken. The Ward Center for the Arts has enabled St. Paul’s and St. Paul’s School for Girls, collectively, to offer generations of both Schools’ students with myriad opportunities for artistic expression. The vibrant achievements and interactions occurring there every day are an enduring testament to the possibilities created when St. Paul’s and SPSG share our strengths and work together toward a common goal.

This year the Boards of both Schools each welcome new Presidents, and we write today to introduce ourselves. We are both graduates of single-gender independent schools; we both began our children’s St. Paul’s journeys by enrolling them as preschoolers at the wonderful third school sharing our campus, St. Paul’s Plus. Apart from these commonalities, we also bring diverse perspectives that complement our work together. Joanne has educational experience as an administrator, teacher and coach. A lifelong Episcopalian, Liz’s professional background is in high-tech corporate business.

As Board Presidents, our first responsibility is to sustain the positive momentum our individual Schools enjoy. In the months ahead, we will communicate our respective priorities for ensuring that SPSG and St. Paul’s continue to provide truly exceptional age-appropriate single-gender and coeducational experiences while preserving our distinctive cultures and traditions. At the same time, we share a vision for exploring additional mission-driven opportunities to coordinate for the mutual benefit of our students and their families.

We have made significant progress in this regard since the Schools’ Boards approved a joint strategic plan for coordination in 2013. Closely aligned academic calendars, coordinated schedules, expansion of courses available to Upper School students at both Schools, shared global travel options and experiential educational opportunities, seamless transitions between Schools at key stages in the educational experience, and coordinated electronic and print communications are some of the results. Initiatives for this year include increasing interaction amongst Lower School students (and their families) across all divisions of our Schools, and continuing to increase meaningful opportunities for Middle School students to learn and socialize together (which already include artistic productions, service learning trips, kickball mixers and more).

We will share news about the progress of these efforts, and also about new ideas and initiatives as they arise. We are eager to begin our work together, and invite your participation in the process. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your thoughts about how our Schools can continue to more fully benefit from our unique model of three outstanding schools sharing one beautiful campus, as we continue to educate boys and girls of all ages in the ways they learn best.

Best wishes for a great year!


Joanne Bartlett Elizabeth Robinson
President, Board of Trustees President, Board of Trustees
St. Paul’s School for Girls
St. Paul’s School


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